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Sep 11, 2017
Good Morning,

Before I ask my question I would like to say our peafowl chicks from last year are giants this spring and thanks to everyone who gave us helpful advice.

Last week we bought 10 guinea keets from our local Rural King. Within 24 hours 3 died, then and other three, then two more. Is this common? Should I try to find an individual breeder?
Sorry for your loss. No its not normal. Keets are somewhat less hardy then chicks . They chill easy. After they get a little older then they are quiet strong. Hopefully an educator will be along soon to help. In the mean time they many need some more info such as temps, diet,ect.. picture of set up maybe ?
Glad to hear that your peafowl are doing well! :yesss:

No it is not common to lose most of them. I suspect that they got chilled somewhere along the way. Shipping is really hard on guinea keets. Also pasty butt is common in shipped keets and if the hardened poop isn't removed the baby can die within a day. Most feed stores don't know how to care for keets since they are a little different than chicks.
I think you would do best to find a local breeder. When I hatch keets I will keep them for several days before selling them to make sure they are healthy and eating well. Most of the breeders I know will make sure you are getting keets that will survive. ;)
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