New flock members, hopefully permanent!!


Nov 27, 2021
Yesterday i added two hens to my flock :)
(Let's ignore the fact that I have no other birds aside from button quails)

I DID consult with the breeder, he has no issue with 2:1 ratio in his button quails as long as the cage is big enough for both hens to build nests, if it doesn't work out i have no issue returning one of them.

Thus far my roo has given them a lot of space but didn't try to attack them, which I'm glad about since my first button quail roo was quite aggressive toward my hen. The two hens are very friendly with each other, the lighter one has chased my roo around the cage about an hour after they were introduced but has since calmed down toward him.

The piebald gal (who I ADORE, such lovely coloring!) Is pretty chill toward the roo, and has gotten comfortable enough to peck at a salad leaf while he looks over her shoulder.

I really hope that they'll bond!! I want to make preparations for raising chicks as well, as the ORIGINAL reason for me getting button quails was sourcing feeder animals (pre culled of course, I am adamantly against live feeding) and even just supplementing my own meat consumption (I am aware button quails don't make a full meal, I've butchered one before lol)

(Pictures below are Elisif, Jenassa, and a photo of my roo Valentine before I had to cull his partner)


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