New gecko! Pictures and a video!


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
Well... today was exhausting.

I woke up bright and early at 8:00 sharp, super excited for my new baby boy to arrive. 9:00 rolls around, and I begin to worry, as it's real cold outside - January in KY isn't exactly hospitable for geckos. Though I busy myself trying to fend off the yawns by moping around the internet. The tracking number said he left the facility at 8:19, so nothing wrong, right?

10:00 rolls around, I worry a little more. It was a guaranteed by 10:30 delivery. When 10:30 rolled around, I started getting physically ill. Stress is a playing factor in my diseases, so it wasn't hard to pass the time. When 11:30 came around after checking Fedex tracking number every 5 minutes, I called the office. She claimed it was a "by 12 pm" delivery (BULL!). 12:02 comes. I call the office again.

The woman informs me that "my address isn't valid and the delivery couldn't be completed." That she could write down some directions to send to the driver. I told the lady that "There isn't one single thing wrong with the address and absolutely no GPS anyones ever used has a problem with it. I'm on a main road! How hard can I be to find? Fedex has shipped things before without any problem!" She went on, and after I gave her directions, she literally hung up on me. When 12:30 got there I was sicker that get out and the whole family was upset. I called again, being told a manager would contact me after they talked to the driver.

12:45 comes. No call. I call back AGAIN and tell that woman "For the last time, my shipment is now late beyond the point of reason. It was priority overnight, and it's not here yet. There is a LIVE ANIMAL in that box that could perish if it is not delivered RIGHT NOW. Just tell me where the truck is and I will drive to get my gecko so he doesn't die!" the woman was nice but never gave me an answer other than "we haven't had enough time to contact the driver. Once the manager has she will call you".

1:00. My mother calls from the courthouse where she works. Apparently she argued for 5 minutes with the driver of the truck with my gecko on it. He claimed that the GPS couldn't find me. She told him he was a liar because that address he said come up was almost 2 years old and had been changed with the new 911 numbers. She asked if she could take the Gecko, he refused saying that he had to deliver it to the physical address. She showed him her drivers license, he still refused! He apparently walked into the courthouse not caring that my animal might die.

1:41, cursing at the top of my lungs, the idiot driver pulls up. Acts as if there is nothing wrong with the gecko being almost 3+ hours late. I'll never trust fedex again.

Thankfully, when I opened the box by baby boy was healthy and alive! And so beautiful.


Youtube vid here!
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I'm so sorry about your day. Congradulations on your new gecko!
(there's a hedgehog climbing up my shirt
Thank you

Oh no! Don't let him get any ideas, he'll start using you as a jungle gym
In 3 days and a few hours I'll have two little baby hedgies running all over me!
What a beauty!

And I thoroughly understand the attack of the nerves! I had a horse shipped to me and was supposed to arrive at 11 at night. Nothing. Fortunately, the people transporting the gelding called and kept me updated, so I was able to say reasonably sane.
Thanks guys! I am. He's got some super cool patterns going on - the redstripe influence in him is awesome. It's amazing, if he gets a little cool, he looks more emerine, and if he gets warmer, his tangerine color is more vibrant. Amazing! I can't wait for just a few days so I can see if he wants to be handled. Hopefully all goes well and he's hungry tonight.

Ah, come one WBF.... you're only in Virginia. Kentucky isn't a very long drive!

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