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Fi was/is ill :(. Fi is a Gold Comet. I have a mixed flock of 6, 2 silver laced, 2 easter eggers, 1 buff orpington, and Fi. Fi just started laying a couple of weeks ago as did the silver laced and the buff orp at 18-19 weeks, we got some nice small eggs from her, then one day about a week ago we got a huge egg, that I thought was way too big for little Fi. After that she has only laid eggs with a really soft shell, or no shell really, like a bag. Saturday while free ranging she was acting funny, real quiet, standing under the pine trees not pecking or anything, then she laid another shell less egg, then went back to free ranging. Last night she did the same thing, stood around not pecking, but this time after she laid the shell less egg she tried to eat it, (so I’m not sure if she has laid others, I’ve found just 3, the first one was under her roost in the morning) After that she went and laid down under a tree, wouldn't peck, free range, or move around at all, just laid there.

I read online she may be egg bound? So I gave her a 20 minute bath in very, very warm water with Epsom salts covering her belly and vent for 20 minutes. Blow dried her off, placed her back with the others and she started free ranging, I gave them some yogurt last night as well.

When I got home from work today (I leave before they get up), Fi yelled out her hello "WAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh" like normal and proceeded to act normally the rest of the night, eating, drinking, free ranging, running around. She laid no egg today that I know of, soft or hard shell, unless it was a soft shell egg and she/they ate it. I'm not sure what to think?

I'm very worried what should I be looking for/doing for her? Does this sound like some illness? did she possibly eat something? could she be egg bound? are the soft eggs somehow related to that huge egg she had laid a week ago? did it damage her maybe? She is a wonderful little girl, never pecks anybody, gets along with all the others.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.
They are on layer pellets, I have oyster shell on the side, they get cabbage in those chicken balls to peck and free range a couple hours a day. They get scratch, meal worms, sunflower seeds for a treat once in a while, I alternate those.
No, she is actually 2nd from the top. Cluck-Cluck the 1st (buff orp) and her are best friends since they were chicks. Always together. I think Fi thought Cluck-Cluck was her mom, (cluck-cluck was 3 weeks older than the rest, Fi was the youngest maybe a day old and I got those two, 2 days after the rest, Fi would sleep under cluck-clucks wing). Anyway, nobody bothers Fi I think do to association with Cluck-Cluck. Fi never bothers anyone, doesn't have to. She is usually first to the feedbag, lol. so no, It isn't that. I worry that maybe one or more of these weird soft eggs might be caught? I don't know. She seemed fine yesterday while free ranging last night, no weird egg. I also put vinegar in their water as I slacked on that the last couple of weeks ;/ , hopefully that will help.
It sure sounds like calcium, but why I just don't know. If she's laying soft eggs it may be hard to tell if one is stuck.... Personally I'd try to boost her calcium, it helps with egg binding and soft shells. I hope you figure out why this is happening... Someone must know what's going on. Have you searched on here? What it say?
Thanks, I wonder if it is that? i'll keep watching and see. doesn't really say if it affects them to the point that they die early or not... I hope not, I love that Fi! :)

Do you know a good way to boost calcium besides the oyster shell?
Just found this, so I don't think that could be it as i'm in the U.S.

Egg drop syndrome occurs in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but has not been seen in
the U.S. or Canada. Respiratory disease in goslings has been reported only from
Well that's good to know. You can get liquid calcium, feed chopped egg shells, and I think you can get stuff for their water. The merick manual site is a great place to search, I read something about vitamin D deficiency causing egg issues like yours,but it's not likely because layer feed is full of it but it could be worth some research. You can also use Tums in a pinch for calcium if egg binding is suspected.

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