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Aug 2, 2021
Hello! So quick intro, I'm Kimber. I actually graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 with my Bachelors in Poultry Science, raised over 150 chickens in high school, competed in Poultry Judging (HS and College) and raised more chickens, as well as turkeys, in college. I also took in a juvenile mallard during this time, so I'm no stranger to the subject. However, its been a while so I'm rusty in areas.

Tonight while doing deliveries I had to swerve to avoid a fuzzball in the road. Quickly pulled over, fuzzball still in the road, not fleeing to safety. I got closer, it finally ran, and I found it was a tiny duckling. I caught it, searched for mama or siblings, found nothing. He is currently trusting me much more, asleep in my hand (it won't let me take my hand back). Other than academic, the most practical experience I have with ducks is the one I had before, that was already older, so I decided to join on here. I've named it Snitch, as I'm a Harry Potter nerd, and its tiny and I've never seen a bird run as fast as this little one did. Like they say in the movie, the snitch is "wicked fast and near impossible to see" lol


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