New Rescued Dog *pics*


12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
Just got this guy last night.
He is either a Beagle/ Dachshund mix or a basset hound/ dachshund mix. (Im guessing of course though, I was told he was a pure doxie)
He is a very sweet little guy. He is about 2 years old.
He likes to chase birds (including chicks-I have to work on that) and he loves to track!



The pictures dont show it too well, but his head doesnt match his body,lol.
He has a doxie head, but his body is built like a beagle or a basset hound.

short video of him playing with my kitten:
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Dachsunds are bred as hunters and most have very high prey drives. You will need to be extremely vigilant with him around any small animals including chicks. He will be doing what is natural to him by hunting and killing them.
They are so flippin' cute!!!

it's good that you are introducing them to reading at a young Now, if you can just get them to quit fighting over the book.


What are their names?

and I agree, he looks pure dachshund to me
The Kitten is Ghost and the dog is Max.
Ive been working with him on the chickens, but I know he shouldnt ever be trusted alone with small pets (including the kitten)
Once he is up to date on shots and neutered, I will find a new home for him.
I know he will keep me busy while he is here. He is a very active dog.
I don't think he'll be a problem with the kitten. They'll work everything out. The chickens might take a bit of work, though.

I have a lilac point siamese named Ghost also, her son's name is Imp (Short for Impossibly Pink - he's a lilac, too.) Nice to see there are several of us with good taste in names.
I also had a beloved Rottweiller (more like Rottenweiller) named Max. Maxi was poisoned by an idiot neighbor. *sigh* I hate people sometimes.

Best wishes with your Max and give your Ghost a hug for me.
Thats neat that we have pets with the same names

Since I dont know all of his past (I just know Im the 4th home to have him) Im not going to risk him being alone with my kitten, daughter, other pets,etc just to be on the safe side.
He seems like a very sweet dog though.
He sleeps in the bed with me after my husband leaves for work.
He is adorable! So is your kitten
I love the name Ghost. The kitten is probably big enough but my friends dachshund did kill two kittens one time while visiting another friend. They were younger than yours is but still never hurts to be safe.
He is a cutie! My aunt has dachshunds and they are notoriously bad with small animals. I would go straight to the shock collar if I were you!
Just kidding, but he probably will take some pretty intense training...funny you say his head is dachshund and body isn't....I was thinking exactly the opposite! He looks more beagle/terrier-ish in the face, but the body, to me, looks all doxie.

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