New to selling this breed. Help with price?


11 Years
Jan 23, 2009
Not sure if this goes here. I'm not selling this bird here. Just need some advice.

My kids were given a handsome, little Rosecomb cockerel (people like to give my kids animals for some reason. lol) Well, that was fine. They were just going to show it and then sell it. They just bought a show flock of RIRs and we want to keep the chickens to only that breed. Hence the plan to sell the Rosecomb.

My question is, how much should they ask? I haven't a clue. Until now, they've only sold mixed breed ducks and production Reds to people who just wanted pets or eggs. $5- $20 depending on age. I know that people don't seem to value males as much.

Can anyone give me a ballpark figure. I don't want to ask too much but I don't want to go too low and people wonder why I'm selling him for so little.

I thought $10 - $20 would be okay. Btw, selling this bird at the county fair.

Thoughts on this?
Your right.... Most people don't have a huge want for roosters !!!

It really all depends !! A lot of the time we start them at $10 and if we know the person/kid buying the roo is going to give it a good home (not eat it) sometimes we drop it to $5.

Unless the bird is super show quality with GREAT lines i'd stick to $5-$10. It also depends on how bad you want to get rid of him !!

Just remember there are TONS of free roo's out there so keep it low !! Hope this helped !! Good luck
lol. I think that's what we'll be doing. I'm preparing birds for the table today and I couldn't get myself to eat this little guy. He's too spunky. Ya gotta admire a banty that chases the standard roos around the coop.
If I put out a sign in Spanish that says "Pollos, se venden aqui", I have no trouble getting rid of the roos for up to $10 each. They claim they are going to eat them.

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