Night time Temperature


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
My chicks will likely be ready to move out to their coop in the next couple weeks. Their brooder is in our uninsulated garage and they have been without a heat lamp for a bunch of days. Last night we had our first frost (UGH!) so I gave them a tiny bit of heat in their brooder. We've also been spending some time out in the run during the day during cooler weather

I am not planning on supplying heat in the coop. Once they are fully feathered and out there. - what temp do I need to worry about? Now that we've had our first frost I'm feeling more pressure to get them out there sooner than later!
If they're fully feathered, temperature is no longer a big concern. Keep the wind off them while they sleep and they'll cuddle as needed.

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