No Eggs in 8 days


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Mar 27, 2013
We've had our two ameracuana hens for about 3 weeks, they are just over a year old. First day with us each laid an egg. And about every other day after that for two weeks. Now, nothing has changed in diet or stress. We haven't had an egg for 8 days. I'm starting to get worried. Any advise?
Are they going through a molt? Do you see a lot of feathers around?
It could be from the stress of moving or other new animals.
Have you checked their health? Parasites like mites or lice. Do their combs look healthy?
It could be a variety of reasons but moving is the most likely. It may have thrown them into a molt.
I don't think there molting. Maybe it's my giant golden retriever peering out the window at them all day. We haven't introduced them yet, we want them to be here for a little while longer.
If you free range them and the eggs just stopped ? By all means watch them and their behavior in the am they will lead you to the stash then consider keeping them penned up till early afternoon for about a week and they will accept the new boxes and should return to the coop to lay good luk
Yes they are free ranging and I have gone on an egg hunt. We don't have many places for them to lay. And They were laying in the boxes for the first two weeks they were here. So they know where to go. One other thing I found strange is they are sleeping in their nesting boxes and not on the roosting perch. They seem to be happy, run up to me any time I go out into the yard. I'm just going to ride it out I guess.
You might not think you have places for them to lay, but you'd be amazed where I've found eggs! And just cause they laid in the nest box at first doesn't mean they didn't find a better spot. You can easily solve the question by confining them to the coop for a few days and see if you get eggs.
ok, I'll go on a better hunt. And keep them in the run tomorrow. It is open at the top, so we'll see if they stay in. Thanks for all the advise.
When mine started slacking on the eggs (have 13 hens), I bought mixed frozen vegetables (defrosted before they got them) and gave it to them every day until they started to produce back to normal. Now I give it to them as a treat every few days. I know, they are spoiled.

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