No energy and bright green poop!

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  2. Bukbuk Betty

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    Well I tried the french toast (Hubby indeed laughed), and my hen pecked at it a bit but not much. I just wrapped up 4 days of superbooster/antibiotic and her poo is not green anymore, but still mostly runny with a bit of mushy normalish poop. She's just getting more and more lethargic and disinterested, I think she is starving herself to death. Is it worth tube feeding at this point, do I summon the courage to put her down, or do I just continue with the palliative care? Either way @casportpony I would be interested in learning more about the tube feeding thing.
    Gahh i haate when they get sick, poor guys.
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    I wish I had checked back here sooner :(
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    I'm telling feeding can help them get over the hump. It's a great skill to have.
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    I've never even heard of it for chickens. What's the deal? And\or any tips\tricks for chicken rehab are much appreciated.
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    Tubing is great for chicken rehab. It lets you figure out what's going on...for example the bright green poop. My hen had that so I started to tube her and her poop was still green. I figured out ( with the help of Kathy) that she had an infection. When tubing, you know the chicken is getting nutrients so my chickens poop should have turned back to brown. Well it never did, so I treated her with antibiotics and it helped her. I had never heard of it. Even if you don't have a sick chicken, having all the supplies handy in the first aid kit is incredibly helpful. Kathy (casportpony) has a link for tube feeding in her signature. It has a ton of useful information in it. :)
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    You say the dose is 5 or 8 but 5 or 8 what pls??
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    I ended up taking my girls to a vet. They had some kind of infection. Both of them got down to 2 lbs from 7 lbs. I am happy to report that both of them have recovered after mess from the vet and hand feeding them with a syringe. My question now is: one is laying eggs about every other day, the other has not layer since she was sick. Is it possible that she is sterile? I mean that she will never lay again because of being so sick before? It has been almost a year since her last egg. The vet checked and said she is not egg bound, there just weren't any in there. She just turned 2 yrs.
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    It may take her some time to lay again. She's been sick and traumatized. Give her some time. What medicine did you give your gals?
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    I'm also curious what your vet said they were suffering from, and what was prescribed?

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