No place to post this RR and am just curious so don't re!I Am just a rambler, at times!


5 Years
Sep 5, 2014
2 wk old broody hatched chicks(just 3) that are mutts(got 12 eggs from another farm cause I had roo that was related to 1 of my hens) and they have some feathering coming in but the chick that hatched out w/black feet/beak/fuzz is getting black feathers now also. Can't reach the people that gave me the eggs so I can check out their hens thoroughly(like said-JUST curious) and am positive this kid hatched from the only smallish white egg they gave me. Rest of eggs were brown/large(They had BR, Redstar, BO hens very visable but obviously there was a smallish white egg layer amongst them!) and I can't post pics so this will be a mystery chicken for a few months, probably. Chick still has dark legs(kind of blackish/green?) and blackish beak with some dark brown and of course black feathers(and fuzz still!) It is only slightly smaller than the other 2(that appear to be BR mix and Redstar mix?) and it was suggested maybe a silkie mix in there somewhere? Yes, I ramble. Am just fascinated and theres nobody else here that gives a true hoot. The broody is a BO and very fierce when I don't take the "guard dog" out soon enough in the a.m. She literally tramples her kids in her anger at the dog being near(have had raccoons in past and dog deterant seems to work(knock on wood). Processed the related roo and may use some of my own eggs if someone goes broody again.

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