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  1. Sorry to post this as it really has NOTHING to do with chickens...

    I am really so VERY COMPUTER illiterate(don't even know if I spelled that correct).
    My desk top has chose to crash on me. I recently picked up hubby's laptop. I was wondering if there is a way I can hook the monitor from the DESKTOP to the LAPTOP inorder to get things that are saved on there?? I am mostly wondering for pictures. Or are they not saved onto the monitor?? Or is it something more along the lines of hooking up the tower to the laptop to get the stuff??
    I know I had a virus on the DESKTOP and I do not wanna trasnfer that over to the laptop.
    Sorry for such a lame question......
    Like I said I really do not know anything about computers...
    Thanks for any info
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    If you are signing onto the laptop using the same server and screen name that you use on your desktop, the favorites should still be there. Just click on your favorites or bookmarks icon. However if you are talking about your documents or pictures, they will not be there. You might want to invest in some inexpensive flash drives (small items that you plug into a usb port, and then a box opens that asks if you want to save info to the device) and the computer sends the info there, and then you can transfer it to the laptop. I am also relatively computer illiterate, and this has always worked well for me.
    Here's some information on them. You can buy them almost anywhere,
  3. Is a flash drive the same thing I call a thumb drive....little gadget that holds lots of info??? If I do that will I transfer viruses from the desk top to the laptop??? I think the desk top crashed because I had a virus???? Need to take it in and get it fixed, but can't afford that right now....

    Thanks for you help
    Shawna lazy to click on link right now....Will have to check it out after I get chores done....
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    Run -

    Will your computer boot up at all or do you just get the blue screen of death? If it will boot up and you're able to get online with it... download these programs:

    Spyware Terminator: *This removes spyware and is better than Ad-Aware, catches some things Ad-Aware does not*

    Ad-Aware: *this removes spyware - but catches some things Spyware does not*

    **I have both on my system and use them both** If I had to pick just ONE however, I'd go with Spyware Terminator

    Spyware Blaster: *this program PREVENTS Browser Hijacks and runs silently in the background*

    CWShredder: *this program detects, fixes and removes malware (coolware)*

    AVAST Anti-Virus Software: *Anti-virus - self explanitory - update feature and removal*

    When you download each one – after they are done and BEFORE you go to run them – UPDATE each one so you have the latest versions. Do not run Spyware Terminator and Ad-Aware at the same time, run one, then the other (one will catch what the other doesn’t). Also –do not run AVAST with any other one running.

    Run AVAST FIRST - that is anti-virus software - it will detect and isolate any viruses you may have on your system. After that is finished.... run Ad-Aware; when thats completed and you remove whatever it found, run Spyware Terminator. Remove what it finds.


    From there if you're still having issues after all of the above:
    Run this:

    HIJACK THIS: (creates a log)

    read thru it so you understand what it is and how it works. HALFWAY DOWN you will see where you can download the program to run the HIJACK THIS LOG.

    Do this then POST it to the forum below:

    Go to the VIRUS / SPYWARE section - post your question and post the HIJACK THIS log -

    They are GREAT people and most work for IT companies in their computer tech / virus removal areas. I've had them help me with TONS of issues that I couldnt figure out myself. Explain to them you arent that computer savy and they will walk you thru it step by step. Make sure you have a printer you can get to so you can print out steps they tell you to do.

    Good luck!


    ETA: the flash drive (USB stick) will not hold all of your files, no. You need to have a back up hard drive. I just purchased one for $79.00 that is 250 GB and my computer is 112GB, so I can store my entire system twice on it.

    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR DISCS THAT CAME WITH YOUR COMPUTER BEFORE YOU BLOW THE DRIVE SHOULD THAT BE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! You need the register codes on your Windows disc to unlock all the programs that came with your computer.
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    take it in to a computer repair place, they can get rid of the virus and some times get your documents back. Dont try to transfer to another computer because you dont know what virus and what it is attached to, you can give it to the other computer.
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    In the first post the OP mentioned that she is very computer illiterate. All those sites to download will be very daunting for her. I think maybe we should have recommended that she call the geek squad or someone who is very literate to come and help her with this. Or maybe she or hubby has a friend who does know about 'puters who can come over for dinner and an evening of computer work.
    But, as an also illiterate with computers person, if someone had said to me that I wa going to have to spend all day downloading and updating a possible 7 sites, I would have said, "throw this thing away!" I can't see why anyone would have to have so many security programs when there a several that will serve all those functions in one program.
    One thing that she probably can do easily, is to run a complete recovery, using the disc that came with the computer and install a new security program. (I use Kaspersky, at the urging of an IT guy friend, it works great and there was a free trial to get started with) Doing that, she can actually save her docs and pics to a flash drive (thumb drive) and after getting everything back in order she can reload them.
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    I've heard some people say that they have put their hard drive in the freezer for a day or so take it out and get the computer to boot back up again long enough for them to pull all their important files off the computer.

    My husband is a computer tech. He's never heard of it, but some of my photographer friends swear by it.

    When I get a virus, hubby tries to get it off then does a complete wipe of my system. Then reloads all my old programs.

    I have a backup external harddrive that holds all my photos and backups of my documents, etc. You can get them on for cheap. I ONLY turn it on when I'm transferring copies of pics and files to it. I can then bring it and use it on any other computer. It's like a thumb drive but holds ALOT more.
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    its not hard to click "download" then "save / run"

    it will walk you through each step for each program.

    She doesnt HAVE to download all of them - its a recommendation - and very good programs to have - yes ALL OF THEM as they each do something different to help protect your system. If there are any IT people on here- feel free to chime in.

    What single program do you know that will accomplish all of the above, curliet? I'd like to have that program [​IMG]

    If her flash drive isnt big enough to hold what she has on her computer, then its all for nothing - it wont work. She can save SOME of her files, but not all. The biggest flash drive I'm aware of is what I have, which is 8GB - but take away the memory for the encryption and programs on it to run and you're down to about 4GB. Most pictures and songs will eat that alive if you have alot of pics and songs, let alone files.

    you should not use the Disc Recovery EVER unless you have backed up your entire system FIRST. Also - using this disc doesnt mean that any virus' that you may have on your system will be removed necessarily - it could have hidden itself in the registry and attached via a hotkey. Unless you know how to edit your registry... well..... thats what the HIJACK THIS log will tell you (or an IT person), it shows it all and whats where.

    The link I provided to the Computer Tech Forum - those are IT guys n gals, many who work for Dell, MAC, HP, Geek Squad etc - who donate their time for free to help others get issues solved off their computers. If the OP doesnt feel she can do it, then perhaps her SO, hubby or friend can.

    I'm all about saving money, especially when it comes to computer issues, they add up quickly.
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    Quote:I didn't say it was hard, just that I understand how discouraging it can feel to see all those instructions parading before you. And, as you say, she doesn't have to download all, but if she doesn't understand the funtions of each one, how does she know which to download?

    I think it would be great for any IT people to chime in, as being computer iliterate myself I could stand to learn something from them.

    I use this at the urging of a friend who is an IT who helps me with lots of issues.

    And one single flash drive might not hold all of her files, but who says she can't use more than one? Last fall I had a computer 'crash' for lack of a better word, due to a virus. I backed up all of my files on flash drives, because my faulty computer wouldn't recognise my cd or dvd burner and allow me to back up with discs. Then I ran the recovery program and the first thing I did following that was install the Kaspersky. After I was sure that the Kaspersky was doing it's job I began reinstalling my programs, some from the discs that I had gotten when I purchased them, like the printer, etc. After I had all my programs reinstalled and updated, I began reloading the docs and photos and music from the flash drives. Everything is working fine, and the Kaspersky has kept me safe since then.
    And last but not least, I had mentioned, as had you " maybe she or hubby has a friend who does know about 'puters who can come over for dinner and an evening of computer work".
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    I've never heard of Kaspersky - until now. Glad its working for you and you have all of your files [​IMG]. I used to pay for programs, but...I refuse to do that any longer given that most are $30.00 a year for subscriptions and dont offer everything that I need - especially when I can get them for free.

    Yes, if she has a couple of flash drives, absolutely, but I'm assuming there isnt more than 1 based off the first post. HOWEVER - YES you CAN transfer files from one computer to another using a program (I think mine is called Illiminable I believe) and it automatically transfers from one computer to the other. You can select what you want to copy from the entire hard drive and programs, to just select files. We did it with our old computer to this one and it works great! I do believe Windows has a built in feature to allow this as well.....Hmmm... I'll have to look though, but I'm pretty sure its there.

    Oh I agree - if its too daunting a task, then she should get someone to help her, by all means. I was just trying to help is all - and save her money as well. Most Tech Support calls are $95.00 for a 30 minute session if you're out of warranty and Geek Squad is outrageously expensive; over the phone or in person - doesnt matter which way you go, you can book in a few hundred dollars very quickly.

    Hopefully she'll get it all figured out and not lose any files [​IMG]



    Windows has that built in feature:

    Using the Files and Settings Transfer WizardThe Files and Settings Transfer Wizard helps you move your data files and personal settings from your old computer to your new one, without having to go through much of the same configuration you did with your old computer. For example, you can take your personal display properties, folder and taskbar options, and Internet browser and e-mail settings from your old computer and place them on the new one. The wizard will also move specific files or entire folders, such as My Documents, My Pictures, and Favorites. Passwords are not moved with program settings when you use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. This is a feature of the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard that helps to keep your passwords confidential.

    We recommend that you install a virus detection program on the new computer before transferring files over from the old computer. This can help protect your new computer from viruses that may be contained in the files transferred over from your old computer.

    Open the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.


    To open the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and then click Files and Settings Transfer Wizard.
    For more information, click Related Topics.
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