not fully feathered - but okay without heat at night?

Nov 30, 2021
I have three babies about 3.5 weeks old. This week I've been trying to finish their attached run so I've had them in the coop for the entire days without heat and then bringing them in at night to the brooder in the house with their heat plate. I've noticed they are mostly just perching *on* the brooder plate now, and not under it, and in the coop they were just roosting as it got closer to evening. Today was about 22c during the day and the evening will likely be between 11 and 13 until tomorrow morning. I've already brought them in, but would they be okay with just a huddle box? I'd love to move them out full time as the run gets closer to being finished, but don't have easy access to power to plug in their plate. Thanks in advance!
I'd say they're pretty close to being able to go without heat at those temperatures, especially if there's a draft free spot they can huddle in. Might as well try just leaving them in the coop, and then check on them as temperatures start to drop in the evening, and see how they're doing. They may peep in distress at dusk since they've never spent the night out, but if they quiet down after that, they're probably fine.
okay folks, first night outside. we shall see how ti goes!! I put a mason jar of hot water wrapped in a bag and then a towel in there under their (not plugged in) brooder plate. so far so good from what I can hear but I will pop out after it's dark to make sure. ahh my sweet babies I hope they do ok
It's always "harder" on us than them ;) I keep checking on them thru the nite :rolleyes: I've got 4/5wk old chicks that are & feathered ... Turned off the MHP, they got more sleep than I did the first few nights. I'm raising them for a friend ... Suspected early on that one was a male; he was alway "first" to come to the door of the brooder & checking the food & calling out. 2wks I was sure ... It's a good hatch that would have been best if all females

what breeds are those? my fav always comes up first and loves me, I hope she doesn't end up a roo. she's my fav little blue star.
okay so...they were fine 🤪 but I didn't realize it was going to be a rainstorm last night! it was a little cooler this morning (15c) but they were happy in there. the only issue was they knocked over their water so I had to kind of clean out all the wet bedding cos it stunk. so hopefully onwards from here! thanks for your help
That‘s great! Wet bedding is the worst!:sick

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