Not laying Still molting??

Crooked Beak

11 Years
Jan 5, 2009
More questions about molting! I have four different breeds, do they molt at the same time? most have not lost all feathers, you would never know, but I have not gotten any eggs for 6 weeks I mean zero! they don't sit in the boxes. But outside of that they seem fine- help I don't want to feed them all winter if I am not getting any eggs.
Mine were in slow moult for 4 weeks, and are producing again- all are sexlinks. I have heard of birds going through much longer moults, not sure if it's breed related. Are they receiving layer ration? Have they begun to eat more due to declining temps? One morning soon you should see a return to egg laying, assuming they are getting all they need. Oh and wild bird suet or flock block will help grown amazing new feathercoats...
Ditto, What LynneP said.

Also, Are they getting enough light? They need about 14 hours a day for optimal laying.


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