November/December "Hatch-a-Long"


6 Years
Jul 30, 2013
Hi guys, thought i'd start a thread for people setting eggs now, for an early oct hatch.

I'm off on a road trip to collect 6 lavender and 6 black mottled d'Uccle eggs tomorrow, and hope to have a fun successful experience.

I am still nurturing 6 month old silkies from my last hatch in August and already miss the daily routine of hand turning eggs.

My partner thinks i'm crazy.

Well Here Goes

I'll join! I'll be setting salmon faverolles eggs on Tuesday, so the hatch date will be the eighth. I also have ducks due the ninth.
I just googled the faverolles, they are stunning little things.

I only discovered these d'uccles last week and feel in love straight away, but its taken me this long to source the eggs. first lady i spoke to wanted $600 for 6

Seems they are not that common here in Australia...

Thankfully i have found someone who will sell these eggs to me at a much better price.

I wish u all the best with your eggs.

I haven't hatched ducks in years.

What type of bator do u use?
I have a homemade one, but a broody hen will be doing the majority of the work for me on the faverolles eggs. The duckies I'm doing myself. Yikes, $600 for six eggs?! Ouch. Here, you can get d'uccles from hatcheries no problem.
Welcome to BYC Matt I hope you have a great hatch. That is a lot of money for Mottled d'Uccles. I sell mine here in the states for 30$ for 8 and that includes shipping
Thats all so exciting.

i'd love to see turkeys hatch.

Well, after a 6 hour round trip, i am back from collecting these d'uccle eggs, and came home with a free miscoloured black mottled cockerel (for free)although im not sure his heritage or relation to these eggs..

I managed to come home with

1 X Bantan Light Sussex

5 X Black Mottled ( 4 x produced from roo1 & hen 1,2. And 1 x produced from roo2 and hen3(Show 3rd place)(all hens andd roos unrelated)

6 X Lavender ( produced from 1 roo and 2 hens all unrelated, and despite being a little dirty from the spring rains here, were beautiful birds and quite well feathered. i do have photos if people are interested.

So, after cradling the egg carton all the way home whilst driving, i finally had them home.

Them began note taking with a quick numbering of the eggs on one side, and a letter & number relating to breed or colour on the other, once these details where recorded on paper i then went on to weigh each egg, and also make a brief discription as to colour/tint of shell. Then off to the closet for a quick candle to check the porous-ness (might be a made up word) and once again recording this info.

Finally the eggs made it to the incubator.

Now the hours check and fine adjustments to temp ( as a result of the change of mass inside the bator, having now contained the eggs)


I never really know if this is day 1 or not, but the way i look at it is but hours, so... my eggs are now 2.5 hours into their first day of incubation ( if that makes sense)

P.s. The new cockerel is setting in quite well, but my ol' boy Mr white (the silkie is not so happy)

Cant wait to get updates from others

I want to know,

bator types?

egg numbers?

past success rates?

humidity techniques (dry or not)?

And love to see some photos of setups =D
OOOOhhhh i would only wish they were that cheap here...not to mention the costs in petrol for a 5 hr + drive...

but i am delighted be a pioneer in my region for what seems to be a very rare breed, ( believed to only have made a recent comeback to the australian poultry trade )

I would love also to get any advice in breeding for quality, eg: line breeding, or genetics for colour x etc.

or any reference sites or books that would be recommended...
Hi all,

I set 12 lavender araucana eggs yesterday, so due 6 October. First time with this breed, so very excited! Good luck with your hatches everyone :)
Some how with the time difference we are due on the same date =D

however this does not mean out eggs will hatch at the same time...


Keep us updated on your progress
My eggs have risen to temp and have been sitting for 5 1/2 hours now...


Cleaning hands and away we go

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