Now they are outlawing muscovies!

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Dances with Ducks

11 Years
Sep 28, 2008
Central Northern Front Range, Colorado ;)
Seriously! Unless you have a permit for raising meat or already own some you can grandfather in.
And they intend to hunt down all the feral ones in the US except a couple of places in Texas where they are considered native.
These are really useful ducks, and who's to say the feds can demand we need a permit to raise our own meat ducks.
They are also the best broodie duck and people love them because they are so quiet, they never quack, just make really sweet cooing noises and are exceptionally friendly.
They call them invasive but if they can put these regulations on ownership of muscovies they definately could apply the same logic to domestic ducks in general because there are so many domestic breeds gone wild in parks all over the country.
Will we all soon be required to have permits just to own ducks??
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