Nutritional Yeast and Feeding Questions

Enchanted Sunrise Farms

12 Years
Apr 26, 2007
Fair Oaks, California
i recently started adding Nutritional Yeast to our duck's food to address some transitory lameness in my ducks. But wanted to get input from duck experts to make sure i am feeding my ducks okay overall.

i have 11 standard size ducks. They have a fresh bin of Flockraiser out all the time, plus lots of fresh water. In the morning i take a gallon water jug full of Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance and add some warm water to soften. To that i add 2 pounds of frozen (unfrozen under hot water) peas and two teaspoons of the Nutritional Yeast flakes.

In the afternoon they get two heads of Romaine, Green Leaf, or Red Leaf lettuce. If i can't find a deal on that they may get head lettuce, or a bag or two of salad greens. In the evening, if they are out of the Mazuri, i give them a couple more cups of that, and then add more peas and Nutritional Yeast - occasionally i put some frozen corn in there, too. They get to forage around during the day.

i am wondering mainly if i am using the Nutritional Yeast correctly. Is what i'm giving too much or too little? i just want to make sure i'm doing the best for my kids. Thanks for any input anyone might offer.

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