Nutritional yeast questions for ducks


Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Western Washington
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My Coop
Hello everyone. I have a hen who is getting severely over mated by my drakes, and I just realized the severity today.
Otherwise, I'm going to separate the drakes from the hens for now. Last year everyone did fine with 2 drakes to 7 hens, but I ended up with a 3rd drake this summer, (still young and not old enough to cause issues yet) and obviously things aren't working out already. A friend said that she separates her pen down the middle, drakes one side hens on the other and its just fine. I'm gonna give it a go since I can't just do nothing.
Anyway, I'm ordering Kalmbach Full Plume feathering feed to help her grow her feathers back. Its for chickens, so I'll have to add Nutritional yeast to the feed to meet the Niacin requirements. I read in this thread that 1 rounded tbs per cup of feed is correct, but further down the thread they started talking about the amount of Niacin per 2 tbs of yeast. I checked the label of the yeast I was about to order, and am not sure if its enough? I have a screen shot of the nutritional yeast label below, and you can look at that thread to see what I mean. Is this a good brand of Nutritional yeast to order for the ducks? Thanks for your help in advance.
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 5.48.06 PM.png

Ps. The label photo doesn't include serving size, my bad. This nutritional label is for every 2 tbs of yeast.

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