14 Years
Jan 29, 2010
Help! Just yesterday I noticed my very large Orpington began to walk with difficulty, losing her balance and falling backward after a step or two. She did make it back into thebcoop last night, but did NOT get up on the roosting pole.
I also have a Wyandotte who, since yesterday, seems to lie down a lot around the yard...
Other girls seem fine for now.
Any thoughts?
Can you give more information, including her age, if she has been eating or drinking, if she has laid eggs recently, and if you have ever had an illness in the flock? I would offer water, and either get some Poultry NutriDrench to give 2-3 ml orally, or some powder chicken vitamins with electrolytes to put in her water. Offer her some chopped egg, wet chicken feed, liver or tuna to get her eating. Feel her crop to see if it is empty, full, firm, or puffy like a balloon. Look her over for mites and lice on her skin by parting feathers under her vent and under wings. Look at her deoppings and describe them.
Awesome! Thank you for your replies!
She is about 3 years old, laid an egg yesterday, and is trying to forage but not much luck staying on her legs.
I have four hens, and my Wyandotte is lying around a bit but still seems balanced and still foraging. All hens laid eggs yesterday so I’m guessing they’re not egg bound. The other two girls are fine so far...
I will check the crop and look for lice but the large Orpington does have a crusty butt. I was planning to soak her bottom today to see if that would help.
Is she wheezing? I had a chicken with a respitory infection and she had trouble walking
No wheezing. I did feel her crop and trimmed the crusty poo from her bottom. She is waddling off balance but still trying to peck the ground. They’re eating a lot of spilled seed from my bird feeders; could that be an issue?

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