Oh tractor supply..(injured chicks)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by EastTexasHen, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. EastTexasHen

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Palestine, Texas
    7679B0FD-204A-40E0-9FF7-38E295A616FD.jpeg 508449B9-1796-4191-948D-E43A5B9B9B5B.jpeg 129E8794-F7AA-4986-B020-3E6C1A0E9234.jpeg A trip to Tractor supply for pig feed turned in to a mini rescue mission. My daughter wanted to stop by and see the chickens on our way out (we only have 19 at home, kid...). I notice a yellow clearance sign on one bin. Leghorn pullets, oh that’s nice. The i hear frantic chick peeping. I look into the bin and five chicks are bloody and pecked raw, the culprit a much larger chick. I try to walk away and my daughter cries that we have to save them. *le sigh*. I now have five bloody stressed leghorn (possible pullets). I picked up blu-kote and they’re home in a brooder box. I’m seeing full wing feathers and tail feathers, how old do y’all think they are? Will blue-kote be sufficient? Anything else i can do?
  2. Shevraeth

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Olathe, KS
    No advice, but the animal lover in me is connecting with you and your daughter on a spiritual level right now lol. I'm glad you're trying to save them and give them a nice home :) :bow
  3. sannabelle

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    Mar 22, 2016
    Rural Missouri
    I’d do blue kote and electrolytes for them- and some nutri drench couldn’t hurt either!!! Good job;) we do the same thing here :th
  4. red horse ranch

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    Jan 24, 2014
    Buffalo Wyoming
    I think they must be at least a week old. Maybe a little more. I usually use Rooster Booster anti pick lotion but the blu-kote should work. The main thing is to get rid of the red blood that attracts others to peck at it.
    I'm so glad you saved them. I would have too. And you will have some great egg layers in a few months! ;)
  5. Gdove419

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    Feb 28, 2018
    Oh poor chicks..my kids would be the same..wanting to rescue them, and I would also probably take them home! Not sure on age, maybe a week and a half to two weeks? They look similar to the first batch of chicks I had, which were 2 weeks old and a leghorn cross. I also know the TS in my town puts the chicks on sale once they are around a week old and trying to fly, and also to make room for new chicks. Sorry I don't have any experience with blu-Cote but good luck!
  6. EastTexasHen

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    Mar 20, 2015
    Palestine, Texas
    Thank you for all the advice everyone, and the encouraging words. In truth I couldn’t walk away once I saw the state they were in. They had also turned off their heat lamp, which was a bit aggravating as the store itself was very chilly. When the young woman was boxing them up for me she remarked, “Oh, yeah they are pretty bloody aren’t they.” and just shrugged and kept boxing.:he

    The chicks are all resting comfortably now laying under a heat lamp. I’ll try and pick up some nutrition-drench, electrolytes, and anti-pick lotion on my trip in to town later. I’d rather have too much than not enough, and with 24 chicks now to watch over I’m sure I’ll need it all at one point or another. :th
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  7. mike1970

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    Mar 25, 2018
    good luck
  8. FlyingNunFarm

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    May 28, 2015
    Chesterland, OH
    My Coop
    I would try to clean the wounds a little. Who knows what could be in the TSC brooder.
    You could try honey on the wounds if they seem a little raw. It can help the skin grow back.
    If they are pecking each other still then Blu Kote would be your best best.

    Thanks for rescuing them! Sweet little fluffy butts!
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  9. keesmom

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    Jul 28, 2008
    They're probably 10 days old or so. At least one may be a Leghorn, but not all. Are they buff or more of a reddish color? They look like buff Orpingtons on my monitor.
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  10. Abriana

    Abriana Spicy Sugar Cookie

    Southern states is horrible with their chicks too. I saved some from there last year. I’m really disgusted with these stores.

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