7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
With the last entries being processed this year’s OHIO NATIONAL Poultry Show will be an event with over 5,400 birds entered. The OHIO NATIONAL is the largest annual poultry show in North America.

Held at the Ohio Expositions Center in Columbus, Ohio on November 10 & 11 the event features large and bantam chickens, ducks geese and turkeys in competition. Many of those birds are available for purchase along with thousands of birds offered for sale in the “Trader’s Row”.

Always a venue for national meets of breed clubs this year the Brahma, Buckeye, Wyandotte, New Hampshire and Serama are in attendance. The district meet of The American Bantam Assn. is also held in conjunction with other special, state and district competitions.

Several of the major suppliers of needs for the exhibition poultry hobby display and sell to the show attendees. As so much of the items need for the poultry fancier are not available in stores this is a great opportunity for buyers to kick tires and ask questions

Eric Markley, the Show Secretary, said “This year’s show seems to be very well rounded. We are seeing an increase in the number of the new or rare breeds and varieties entered. If any thing is noticeable it is that there is a considerable percentage increase in the number of large chickens entered.”
Good to see the bird numbers are still good this year and looking forward in seeing another great show this year.

I went in 2010 and it was large. I was disappointed in the number of Orps LF shown that year though. Good to hear more LF birds to be shown. Dont know if I will ever want to drive that far from where I live with a truck full of chickens. Don Chandler was sweet to help Imogene and i find our way around.
Well I have raked out a huge chicken coop this morning and moved some birds around. Raked leaves in yard . I am going to get in my tub and soak awhile. Saw a great big hawk flying around. I don't like that one bit. All my birds are safe but when I see something like that I am hesitant to let them out without me being out there with them. I am so ready for some egg laying to start
My blues girls are finally starting to make some progress on refeathering after a long molt

Our weather is 84 today. It is supposed to cool off next week. I am still wearing flip flops and capri pants. I never wear out my winter clothes here

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