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Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by Buckguy20, May 9, 2011.

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    Jan 25, 2012
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    Thanks, I didn't even think about the big ones trampling the little ones. I think I will leave them in seperate brooders for now. It isn't like we are pressed to move them, I was just thinking one less heat lamp running tonight, lol. It will be nice this next week so the bigger ones can run the small yard off their brooder and not need the light so much. I went out first thing this morning and one of the bigger chicks was sitting on top of the waterer so it could be closer to the heat, lol. The rest were running around eating and scratching.

    We had hoped to finish the juvenile pen this weekend but it is just to cold to be out there working for long. We did finish putting in roosts in the finished pens and watering once more.

    The tractor is his favorite today. He wants to make a shelf for it in his room. For now it has a place of honor in our livingroom, lol.

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    only the top will be polly it is a heavy duty clear span canopy that im turning into a breeder house i will keep posting updated photos so you can see my progress
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  4. banjoejoe4783

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    Oct 6, 2010
    westville ok
    thanks i have been working hard on it this morning i got the gide wires up for the scrach yards and will start hanging wire after lunch
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    Apparently lying with their head downhill and no way to get up can make breathing difficult...especially when the bull is as big as Buddy. We both thought he was a goner when we got out there until we tried to move his leg and he respoonded. Getting kicked was a scary thought too. It took us 5 minutes to get him turned...with his help at that point. He's out there eatting hay at the feeder now.

    Buddy is a special Bull. I raised his grandmother on a bottle after her mother died. Becky Sue was only two weeks old when her mom died. We think someone shot her. His mother Baby Sue just gave birth to the first calf this season.
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    When they get on top of the waterer, the waterer gets turned over easily... If the brooder is big enough, I'd put a multi branched stick in the brooder with themto use for a junglegym.

    Enjoying the pictures of your project.
    Did you anchor the legs in concrete?
    We tied down a mini green house that was built on skids by tying a cable to each of the corners and tying the other end to a concrete block and then buried the blocks. Kept it secure during high winds but mad it easy to move when we had to move it.
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    Jun 21, 2011
    Wow, Nana, you know the history on your cows?? I'm impressed.
    Today is a good day for chili, I'm downloading different Linux distros to put on USB sticks so I can try them all. Channing hangs out on his blanket on the 2' x 4' footstool right by me and he thought it was a good day for chili also. I figure the beans have good protein in them for him lol I hope they don't give him gas.
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    [​IMG] Cool I'll watch for the progress pics

    My coop building is on hold for weather, I don't do cold! I'll get out in the 110 summers and work all day but if it gets much below 50 I'm soooooo out (well actually in drinking hot cocoa)
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    wrong in so many ways![​IMG]
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    We got our first egg![​IMG] Unfortunately whoever laid it didn't do it in the coop. We have one frozen perfect egg. It was cracked down the side from freezing. They sleep (and poop) in the nesting boxes. Does anybody have any advice on how to discourage this? I assume if they sleep there they don't want to lay there. I think they do this to keep warm since the boxes are further from the door then the boxes. I already put some fake eggs in there and made sure it was well padded and comfy. Also we lost two chickens today to our dog. I cleaned the cage and I guess I didn't latch the cage all the way. We lost what I'm pretty sure was a Barred Rock and and a for sure Old English Game hen. Luckily the others got into the coop fast enough. The birds were dead before I could get out there and I was right by the door, and ran as fast as I could when I heard the alarm. It's discouraging, but we will keep plugging on. I will replace them soon. The broken top id from my 4 year old. It just had a small crack on the side.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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