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    OK, this is my first summer with chickens. I've read frequently about an "egg song", but since my girls were young, I had never heard it. Today I was putting one of my daycare children on the school bus when I heard a ruckus from the coop. I thought something was after the chickens! I anxiously put the child on the bus and hurried with 5 younguns (children, not chickens) back to the coop. All the birds were outside in the run but one. She was making quite a bit of noise, unlike anything she's made before (She is about 21 weeks old, EE) I watched through the window of the coop so I would not disturb her by opening the door. After about 3-4 minutes of this noise, she quit,walked around the coop,then went outside. She then appeared quite normal. I checked the coop, no egg found, nests undisturbed. I fed the birds their lunch (leftover daycare mac and cheese - they love it!), and she was right there with them. About 20 min later I heard her again. Once more she was inside, other chickens outside, but they were listening quite alertly to her. She went to a corner of the coop and made a "nest", arranging shavings as suited her. She is sitting there still, about 1/2 an hour later. Am I soon to have my first egg?
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    Sounds like you are getting close. My ladies practiced the egg song a couple days before they finally decided to give me an egg.
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    You'll have an egg soon. Mine always sound like they are yelling, "IT HURTS!!!! IT HURTS!!!!"
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    my rhode islands can take up to an hour of doing the egg song before they lay.. She was in the coop laying down for a while in her nest doing the egg song.
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    Yesterday my Sex link, Omlet, was in the nest relaxing, eyes closed, waiting to lay her egg. She has been laying just over a week now. The other sex link was on top of the nest box singing the egg song. Then she was on the walk in front of the nest singing. Finally, she quietly stuck her head into the nest box, then let loose with a very loud egg song. It was so loud it startled Omlet and woke her up.

    I thought the second sex link was just encouraging Omlet, but later when I went to the coop there were 2 eggs! Maybe she was telling Omlet to hurry up so she could use that nest box.

    Silly chickens.
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    Apr 19, 2009
    I have a roo that sings the egg song. Figure that one out. [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
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    So excited...I've been telling myself not to get too anxious about that first egg till they were closer to 28 weeks....didn't want to be disappointed if it wasn't soon.

    If she is making her own nest on the floor of the coop, how will I get her to change laying location to the nesting boxes? We have 4 beautiful wooden boxes, painted a dark green (heard they like dark locations) about 14x14x14. (or is it 12x12?) The nesting boxes have shavings and plastic easter eggs that are slightly filled w/sand to simulate the weight of a real egg. Any ideas?

    And thanks BYC'ers, your input on the egg song was so reassuring![​IMG]
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    OK I'm corn-fused [​IMG]

    The egg song...
    My hens do 2 different songs. Usually before laying they do this soft little cooo ... bwaaaaaak bwak bwak bwak bwaaaaak

    then afterwards is the frenzied and fast, loud bwaaak's

    will the REAL egg song please come forward ??
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    Put some plastic eggs or golf balls in the nest. Don't worry about it too much if you find your first eggs on the floor, or in the run, get the idea. About half of my pullets laid their first eggs outside of the nest boxes. I think it kinda surprises them when they first start, but they get the idea pretty quick.

    I do have a red sex link who started laying in the box then laid on the shelf that she uses for a roost at night for 4 days and is now back to the box. I think she's been laying at night (I know they're not supposed too, but I'm pretty sure) and is now back on a daytime schedule.

    I love having a mixed flock and can't wait for my EE's to start laying, but the sex links are definetly my most productive girls.

    Post back when you get that egg. I'd love to know when/where she lays and what color it is. [​IMG]
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    Yeah...2 hours after I first heard her making a ruckus...tada...a lovely, smallish tan egg! I was hoping for a green or blue...but I'll take tan! lol

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