One is a lonely number


10 Years
Sep 20, 2009
Southeast, Arizona
This is Snowflake... this poor girl is the only chicken we have left after some uninvited animals killed her family... since then Snowflake has been finding ways to come into the house at night. Which is usually accomplished when the kids leave one of the doors open! Tonight we looked all over the house for her since she wasn't found outside, I needed a break to I stoped and went to put some of the kids' books on the shelf when I looked up Snowflake let out a HUGE "Bwak Bwak!!!" And proceeded to flog me!!! I was so startled I almost wet my pants! hahaha! After she calmed down I took a couple pictures of her in her roost...


Looks like someone is LDS... I recognize the Gospel principles, and Book of Mormon's
My shelf looks similar. hehe
I just joined BYC... and I just moved up to Heber, AZ.
Snowflake is cute. did you ever get some more hens?

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