Onyxia has impacted crop. UPDATED huge wet blood splatter


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My 2 week old Blue Marans has what I believe is an impacted crop. On the right side of her between her head and chest is a HUGE hard lump. I just noticed it today when I got home from work at 5pm. It was not there yesterday but may have been earlier today. I have taken her food out for the time being and replaced the pine shavings with a rubber tray liner so she would not consume the pine. Every now and then she would peck and eat some. There has been no loss of appetite for her feed or water and no behavioral changes. I know to put some olive oil into her throat and massage the crop but what else can be done? The size has been the same since 5pm. It is like the size of a medium water bottle cap, pretty big for a 2 week old chick.

Also under her right wing she has a bald patch and there is a hard lump where the skin is. She has had this since day one. My other chick does not/has not had any of these problems.



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I noticed the crop full at 5 pm today. She still has access to water but i took the food out b/c she kept eating and eating with this hard lump in there. Now I am thinking they just ate a bit much because about 10 minutes ago my leghorns crop puffed up with the same hardness. It was not full at the time of the post.
Try to stay calm. Some chicks can out do themselves. It might only be that it over ate. Keep plenty of fresh water available. If you like you can put some water down its throat. Syringe works the best for me. Then massage it like you did with the oil. This should loosen the food in the crop a little. Wait until tomorrow (giving the little chick around 12 hours or so) If it is still hard or harder then it might be impacted. There are a few ways to un-impact it.
Hard to stay calm now. Someone is pooping blood. There is a large splatter of blood only on the brooder floor but definitely from pooping.
I wouldn't try using the syringe for water as long as she is drinking well on her own--it's too easy for it to go wrong to try if it's really not needed. As far as the blood goes do you have them on medicated feed? Do you have any Corid or Sulmet on hand? Is everybody still running around and looking lively? Here's a link to the poop page, check it out and see if anything matches. Also, can you post pictures of the bloody poop? Hang in there!!

Edit 'cause I pasted the wrong link: http://www.chat.allotment.org.uk/index.php?topic=17568.0
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I have checked the poo page. There poo has been normal up until literally when i posted that. Most of the fresh poop has some red in it as well as that splatter now. They are on medicated feed and have been since i got them. The leghorn i got from a feed store and onyxia I got from a local breeder. Got them a week apart. Unfortunately i do not have any of those meds on hand. They are lively and chirping as we speak. I took out the feed b/c the crops. Still have fresh water and they kinda stopped drinking it and just chirp at me. Onyxia is the loud one while my leghorn is very quiet and just little cheeps.

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