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Oct 7, 2012
Northern CA
In the Bay Area, Costco is beginning to stock organic chicken feed. They are also getting backyard hen houses in many locations - saw them in Austin, TX and Richmond, CA - for under $200. The feed was coming onto the floor today in Foster City so I did not see it but the floor super told me it is under $20 for 40 lbs. so worth checking out at your Costco. If it is in the Bay Area, it will be in many other locales.
Hope we get some in the central valley.
Ha Ha!!!

I moved to a more rural area in So. Cal and I completely flipped my noodle when I saw that they stocked not one but several types of horse feed.

As much as I am for the Costco stocking chicken feed, especially organic (whatever that means these days), I am not looking forward to feed stores closing because of the "big box" effect.

Although I have been to some feed stores that are downright scary!!!
Thankfully I am lucky, my feed store is in between, they have been around since dirt was invented but they keep the place clean, they stock chicks all year round, and they support local 4-H by buying at the fair auction.

Anyway, I have friends who think I am crazy for keeping chickens. I hope their Costco's get chicken feed soon so they will finally realize that this "fad" of keeping backyard chickens isn't going away anytime soon!!!!

May all of your birdies be happy birdies!!!
The feed stores will survive this because there are many things to buy there, we all know our local purveyors, and Costco is not always convenient. Costco will be great for very small urban flock owners who need one sack in addition to their groceries. Costco has carried wild bird food for a long time but for specific seed types, the feed store is still the most economical place to buy it. I am a long time Costco shopper but that doesn't mean that I don't also shop at Safeway, Trader Joe's, and the farmers market. And some of my feed will continue to come from the feed store. People with larger flocks in my area already drive to the mill where the feed is half the price of the nearest citified and expensive feed store.
Hello All,

Citified feed stores!!!
Ha Ha!!

You mean yuppie feed feed stores!!!

Like that huge feed store chain who's name sounds like Citronella!!!
Where two pound straw bales sell for $10.

Ha Ha!!!

Got to love them yuppies!!!
Confirmed at the Costco in Richmond, CA - organic layer crumble, $20 for 40 pound bag. Looks decent, haven't tried it with my hens yet!
Could someone provide me with the item number? I called Costco in Ohio and they said they would look into shipping it to me.
Thank you!

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