Our Throw Away Society

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  1. gmendoza

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    As some of you may know I keep losing the battle of the bulge.I fight and to no avail I lose.

    It has come across to me that I dont "eat" the correct foods,so today I will try to start. I havent writ down my cravings,but this morning I started with a tall glass of OJ (pulp most).That was about 5:00am

    It is now 10:00am and I started having "binge" cravings for at least two hours,but have the willpower to seize and desist them.

    I recently went downstairs on my usual lurking and skulking walks when I came across the vending machines being refilled.There were sandwhiches and breakfast biscuit items on the top and I asked the dude " what do you do with those on top?" he said he throws them away.....

    This american society has a need to be a throw away society.If anyone that has been in business,or a business degree or in mass consumer manufacturing well knows things dont last long,they break,or a newer version comes out all together.We have become consumerists.filthy little greedy lops who need the lastest contraption to be hip and styling above the rest whilst eating only 50% of our food annually. there is a need for people that are starving..its called food! but nay I say! we must clog all the arteries of our vastness into the landfills and not give the hungry some food,nary a slice of bread because we have a need to toss it away for newer bread 4.0

    there is no conclusion to this but to consume less until our underconsumation repeals our overvastness consuming.we must resist the things plugged into our heads and eyes and ears.

    While I was pondering the thought of personally going ferel and eating wild stuff found free,or going freegan,I found a site somewhat disturbing. It talked about eating placentas and such meats that were a part of human anatomy that were free and are tossed away on a daily basis.

    I dont know about you but eating a placenta and the mere thought gives me the heebie geebies!! [​IMG]

    Ok. with this thought,I can survive til 11:30 for my 12oz salad. [​IMG]

    Then my 1-1/2 mile walk [​IMG]

    The battles might have been won by Mr. Om Nom Nom, but I still have the war to finish.

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    May 8, 2012
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    Even if I want my things to last, manufactures don't build things to last. My parents have some things that are still running, while I'm on my 3rd or 4th of the same/similar item.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    Yeah,things don't last.Sometimes it is cheaper to buy new than to repair the old. Also,it is funny/sad how you get in trouble for dumpster diving,or taking things from the curb. I got plants from Lowes dumpster before,shelving too.Some people swear by the good food tossed in Aldi's dumpsters.

    For cravings try mini carrots which are often sweet. Also,Aldis has a low cal high fiber cereal that is good to snack on. Would rather have chips,but hey these are good for you!
  4. chickened

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    Oct 2, 2010
    western Oregon
    You can cross twinkies off your list.
  5. Criskin

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    You might find that eating more lean protein keeps you full longer and makes you feel better. If I cut calories without being careful about protein, I feel awful and usually give up! I keep jerky, 2% milk cheese sticks and almonds on hand at all times.

    I'm bothered by the throw away aspect of our society, too. I try to repurpose old electronics, clothing and such, but there vast amount of packaging from food that ends up in landfills just astounds me!
  6. ChickensRDinos

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Los Angeles
    x2 Starting your day off with protein is the best way to go. OJ is mostly sugar and will make you feel hungry. If you are too busy to make anything then eat a spoonful of natural peanut butter as a start to transition yourself to a protein breakfast.
  7. mandelyn

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    My Coop
    Yeah, starting the day with nothing but orange juice is good for the Florida growers, but bad for your belly in less than 2 hours. You just get so hungry afterwards. I keep mixed nuts at work. It keeps me out of the vending machine, which is full of over processed junk anyways. Even the "healthy" stuff is still over processed, gluten filled, and full of chemicals. If you're bored, google the ingredients while on lunch. The mixed nuts, make sure they're 50% or less of peanuts. More expensive, but better for you. No need to count calories, instead look at how "whole" the food is. Sugars, gluten, sodium, etc in those "healthy" 100 calorie snacks are worse for you than the calories would have been. Easy on the dressing with salads, and remember that Iceburg lettuce is not very nutritious. The darker the green, the more nutrients it has, generally speaking.

    Vitamins and minerals work together to help your body. For example, Vitamin C helps the body absorb Iron. If you don't balance your diet with both, the Iron you need will slip through your system. There's a lot of detail in which nutrients work together. Some don't work together. Calcium will reduce the amount of iron your body will absorb. Drinking milk with an Iron pill for example, would be counter productive. Pill form reduces the absorption rate depending on what's holding it together, then the calcium in the milk reduces it further. Taking a multi vitamin with both calcium and iron in it... well... not doing you a whole lot of good. Yes, the label says how much Iron is in the pill. It does not say how much of it your body can use.

    We've started over cooking on off days, to make sure we have something healthy to take to work or for busy days. Bought a whole storage set of Pyrex dishes with lids, to measure out a meal and freeze it. When freezing, you have to make sure the lids have a tight seal. There are cheaper brands than Pyrex, but the lids are inferior for more long term food storage. You can also use ziplock bags though, and reuse them instead of throwing them away.

    Cooking with fruit adds new flavor. Brown rice with some Sweet Basil and Cilantro. Roma Tomato. Then diced apples and dried cranberries, added last, with just enough cook time to warm the fruit, but not outright cook it. The more you cook something, the more nutrients you lose in the process.

    You want your food to be as true to it's natural form as possible, to gain the most benefit from it. You end up eating less, and getting more.

    If you do a little research on which foods work together, what's in them nutritionally, you can structure a plan to never feel hungry. Eating something every 2 hours or so stops those cravings. Eat your Iron and Vitamin C for breakfast, 2 hours later, something with Calcium. Focus on A and E vitamins for lunch to avoid the mid afternoon sleepiness. There's several charts online that list the vitamin content for whole fruits and veggies. Use that to create a salad at home to take to work with you. Red peppers are way better for you than green peppers. Various lettuce species are nutritionally different from each other.

    Orange veggies are nutritionally different than green. You can eat by color too once you know what you're looking at. Or eat by purpose. Carrots for your eyes. Kale for your brain. Onions for your skin. Garlic for your immune system. Look up your favorites and see what they do for you.

    If you want to get high, make a juice from organic Carrot, Kale, Ginger, Apple, Lemon, and Celery. Or a smoothie to keep the fiber. You'll feel like superman! It's a strange sensation. The "Juice Cleanse" thread has a lot of info, recipes, stories and what not.

    I was forced to eat healthy as a kid, raised by environmentally conscious hippies. So the first thing I did as a young adult was eat junk, fast food, Mt Dew, Monster, redbull, the works. Then I put on weight, felt like crap, slept a lot, and just started falling apart. Took no time at all to change to a "normal" diet. It's taken years to get back onto the health kick and thinking of food as fuel. I finally feel "normal" again, after learning what feeling poorly was like. It sucks! I wonder how many people have never felt truly healthy if they were raised on over processed foods and kept that diet their whole life.

    There is a guy at work who eats out of the vending machines or fast food. He's terribly over weight, diabetic, has gout, and some weird skin condition with lesions. Dude, eat some real food! Can't tell him anything. He thinks it's all mumbo-jumbo. Says he's been eating like that all along and he's fine. Really... no, you're not fine. You don't even know what healthy feels like.

    Wow, this post got long.

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Good for you G-man!!!! [​IMG]

    Fight that war! Think of it as being a little like fighting weeds in your garden. You take measures and make plans to get rid of the weeds (mulch, etc) but you still have to be viligent daily or they will sneak in.
    Personally, I think that just re-reading your post about eating thrown away body parts/by-products would be enough to quash carvings for a good while. [​IMG]
  9. gmendoza

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    Mar 23, 2010
    Rock Hill,SC
    still on the kick.

    My birthday was yesterday And I scored like a bandit:

    1. New ipod Mini
    2. Itunes gift card
    3. new cell phone
    4. Nike air shoes
    5. new coast guard hat
    6. new jacket
    7. two pair new pants ( one pant is a pair??)

    went and bought me two cao lambada cigars at Palmetto Breeze ( my new smoking hole) [​IMG]
  10. canesisters

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    Aug 18, 2011
    Well happy birthday to YOU!

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