Jun 22, 2020
New York
I had an extreme frizzle silkie runt, she was so extreme, that at 10+ week old she was the same size as the 6 week olds she was sold with. Now 4 weeks later, the 6 week olds have outgrown her. She has a voracious appetite and has started to put on weight, but is not as active as the rest (at first she barely moved at all). I was worried whether she would make it at first, but she definitely has the fight to live and seems to be doing fine for now, she may never fully be an outdoor chicken, but I think I'm okay with bringing her inside from time to time.
Honestly, yours looks fine, just smaller, but overall healthy and active.


Crossing the Road
Apr 9, 2016
California's Redwood Coast
I am going to keep them on the Corid and probiotic despite the unlikeliness of it being cocci because you mentioned it can't hurt?
They are all still drinking the water with Corid and probiotics. I do hope it is actually Cocci so that the treatment may be effective,
What's in this probitotics.. many mixes include thiamine so using both may be rendering it useless.. If Corid appears to not be working consider getting a sulpha antibiotic from the vet... double checking your dosage, direct dose drenching.. just brain storming..

Sorry.. I've read some of the thread.. beginning, mid, end.. I'm sure I missed to much to be truly valuable..

But also sorry for your fist experience with the grit.. what an awful hard pill to swallow.. would have been a difficult confession for most.. but a very valuable lesson to the rest of us.. to take nothing for granted.. especially communication between two OTHER people. And also to keep moving forward with SOLUTIONS! Please don't spend any more energy beating yourself up. :hugs

Hang in there hon.. if your able a quick full recap and update for some fresh eyes.. maybe?? :fl

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