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Pair of Calico Cochin bantams NO SHIPPING

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by Rare Feathers Farm, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. I have for sale one pair of calico Cochin bantams.

    The hen, "Harriet" is two years old--VERY sweet and is a good mother. She is very small (about grapefruit size) but has good type.

    The rooster is a year old and pretty feisty--not mean, but full of himself.

    Together they are producing better than themselves but now my flock is getting too closely-related and because they have improved so much, I am going to part with my foundation stock to make room for these new generations.

    Sorry but my local PO does not accept lives for shipping. You will need to make arrangements to pick up the pair in North/Central Washington or I can deliver for the cost of gas.







  2. Funky Feathers

    Funky Feathers former Fattie

    Jan 15, 2009
    My Coop
    What a gorgeous Roo!! Wish I were closer. [​IMG]
  3. crtrlovr

    crtrlovr Still chillin' with my peeps

    How PRETTY! [​IMG]
  4. melodie_a

    melodie_a Songster

    Aug 28, 2010
    Sanford, NC
    Oh very very pretty.
  5. Quote:Yeah and I wish my PO would ship lives.... [​IMG]
  6. Quote:Thanks!
  7. Quote:Thank you!

  8. I also have a young cockerel out of this pair that will be available as well...

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