Passion fruit leaves

Nanci McFarland

Dec 26, 2020
I have 3 passion fruit vines and I trim them back every now and then. Are the leaves safe for chickens to eat? Is there an amount that is safe or an amount that is too much?

I've been giving greens (kale, brussel sprout trimmings, chard and such). My raised beds are winding down right now. They have a 20 ft run that has no plants growing inside so I give them something to peck and forage. I am learning what they like to eat (besides their corn free/soy free feed). They enjoyed pecking the inside of the long brussel sprout stem after I sliced it in half lengthwise for them.
Thanks! Their run has no greens growing in it so I like to give them something green. I have a ton of passion flower leaves available. I have no lawn and not very many weeds in my yard. I've been growing chicken grass (clover/grass blend) in planters and put it in their run when it gets 3-4 inches tall.

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