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6 Years
Aug 21, 2013
Going to get some peachicks around 2 weeks old - 1 month old. I was planning on keeping them inside the house in a large cardboard box with fresh hay.

I ve seen a lot of feet issues with young peas, so i was wondering what y'all think is the best bedding?

Should i stay with the hay? or go with a wire bottom?

What about sand (if sand, what kind)?

Also, how long til peachicks get "fully feathered"? And is a "yearling" a one year old peachick?
I am not an expert yet, but I have 4 peachicks I hatched that are about 2 months old now. I moved them into an outside pen about 3 weeks ago. Peachicks hatch with wing feathers. Mine were out of the brooder and flying around the room on me by 2 weeks. They grow quickly as well. You will want something big enough for them, and with some sort of lid, screen, mesh, etc... I used shaved pine bedding myself, and they needed frequent cleaning once they started growing.
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