Peafowl pair in South Carolina?


May 12, 2019
I am looking for a peafowl pair, I’d like for them to be friendly. I don’t care about colors or anything like that. I just want to expand my farm :)

I’m located very close to Charlotte, NC area. Thank you!
Good luck... I held my four peafowls everyday... one even got hurt and slept with me for weeks... still not friendly hahaha
What I have heard is you don’t want your males to be friendly because they attack. But I could be wrong
Yes, making a cock imprint on you can be dangerous. I am taking my chances with this one. But he is just unusual enough to take a chance.
:eek: KsKingBee ... what color ... what pattern ... ? ... i see a spalding ... !
They are out of 75% Spaulding Black Shoulder cock that shows no white on him. The grandmother was a Low % BS hen carrying a white gene of some type. They produced four white hens three of which had some spots. The daughter was bred back to the father and produced the male chick above. This year all three hens will be put back with the father and the following year this cock chick will be over all three of the spotted sisters, one of which is his mother. This is also the same pen that produces my Red Buffs.


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