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This is my first hatching attempt ever. I have a Hovabator still air with lots of eggs in it and we are on day 24. The bator in in my room and I swore I heard a peep early this morning and I jumped up and grabbed a flashlight--nothing. I convinced myself that it came from outside and went on. THEN.... I was looking at them a few minutes ago, debating on giving up, breaking them open to see how far we got, etc., and I know I heard a peep! I haven't heard any pecking, which is what I thought "pipping" was. Can they make noise still in the shell, or am I just delusional? Any thoughts on what I should do?
I am not a professional so as to youre mental status I cannot comment.
But I can say eggs peep or the chicks in them do so I would give them another 24-48 hours then check for movement or what not by candleing them or something.
OK thanks. So at least there's hope right? I just need to figure out which ones the peeping is coming from and weed out the dead ones because of bad gases or something right?
From what I have read (I am new to this also) it is not a good idea to open bator during hatch (due to temp & humidity issues) unless you have to. I have read that lower temps can lead to a later hatch, maybe that is what is going on???
If it were me I think I would leave them for another day and see what happens, unless something is starting to smell.
Look through window and see if any of the eggs have any x shape cracks where chick is starting to break out. Also watch for movement of the egg itself. I watched some hatch on a web cam and boy did they roll around.
Good luck and I hope they hatch soon!
if you have peeping going on leave the bator shut and wait! That is a good sign that they are ok. Don't try to take any out they will be fine sitting in there.
if you take a flashlight and shine it through the window in the incubator you will start to see very faint cracks in the shell, they can be hard to see at first, but look closely and I am sure you will see some little cracks starting,
I have some photos of pips but it is on my camera and my loader is MIA. I will load them on here as soon as I find it. GRRR

Honestly as long as you hear peeping, sit tight, if they start to get weak and nothing has pipped the shell, it is time to step in. A pip looks like a small outward dent like a piece of shell is stuck to the egg shell outside. They are very hard to see sometimes and othertimes, they are very easy to tell.

This is an image of a quail(same process as a chick) breaking out of the shell. It had already pipped and progressed further.

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