Pekin Duck Eggs - What to do! no experience with ducks or eggs HELP


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Aug 27, 2017
What do i do with my Duck eggs?

My 2 females just started laying for the first time ever this week in my yard -by their water bowl -in the open (face-palm). I currently have 10 eggs in my yard, all around the same spot -5 from each at the rate of one a day so far which is starting to amount up pretty quickly!

Should i just leave them there each day? Collect them and take them away from the hens? Let them stay where they are to see if my girls want to go broody and hatch them? Should i candle them right now to see if any are even alive before i leave them outside for too long? How long should/can they be outside before they're considered "unsafe" to eat? How do i store fresh duck eggs?

Any and all advice regarding the topic of Duck eggs and what the heck to do with them is welcomed!


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Mar 27, 2012
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Congrats on the eggs! What you should do is take them and eat them :)

Pekins are generally not a broody breed and usually do not go broody and hatch eggs. I won't say it's impossible, because I have one that does, but in general it's unusual and not something you should count on happening.

So unless you want to incubate them yourself, you might as well eat them! None of them will be developing unless a duck has been actively sitting on them trying to hatch them, so you don't have to worry about that. Just collect them each day as they are laid and enjoy! They're fabulous for baking.


Mar 30, 2016
Agreed. If you want more ducks, hatch them out. Otherwise collect daily and enjoy! My daughters and I prefer duck eggs to chicken eggs and scramble, devil, do everything with them. Just don't over cook or they can be tough due to the higher protein;)
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