Pekin ducking 5 days old gnawing himself red skin - help!


5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
Hi there. I have two ducklings I am watching for a friend. One is brown (don't know the type) and one a Pekin. The yellow Pekin started to gnaw/over-groom his wings and back area until it is all red and a little bloody. He reduced this and is back at it. What could the cause be? I am so worried about him. He looks uncomfortable like a sunburn. I am using a lamp to keep the box at 95 degrees but it is a good 18 inches away from him. I also wondered if he has lice or mites but I don't see any and he has been in my care since he was one day old.

Thank you for any advice. I want to do anything I can to make him feel good and be healthy.
If you can get stockholm tar, put that on his back and wings. It will soothe any itching and kill any mites he may have which have burrowed beneath the skin surface, and it will rapidly heal his flesh too.

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