Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by LeBlackbird, Sep 24, 2009.

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    I take a papertowel and drape it over a corner of the humidity pan. It wicks up enough water to help raise the humidity for me. Turks I've been doing like 80% or so humidity.
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    Look I'm not trying to pick a fight I am just saying we are all on here as friends helping one another no one is on here to bad mouth anyone and I am not confused I read everything more then once before I even commented, maybe you should re read it all!
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    [​IMG] Hugs Anyone???? [​IMG][​IMG] Too Soon?[​IMG]
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    I'm not positive about the Roos... But close to it. I'm waiting for another week or two to be positive.
    The chicks are 2 different ages. At least. The splash and the black (or possibly a BLR) are probably about a week older. I also had a BLR who died within a day or so after I got them. I think they are about 7 weeks now. The splash is starting to get a red comb. I know the 3 colors come from breeding a BLR to a BLR, but I was told these chicks were from a splash and a black, which makes these two colors impossible if that were true.
    The other chicks I am positive are glr. I will take pics tomorrow or Friday and post them. I have some on here already from 2 weeks ago,
    I think the person just flat out lied. I think these were just chicks they didn't want, and they sent them, thinking I wouldn't know the difference. They were older than I was told they would be, and I'm lucky they made the trip at all. I'm basically trying to pick up and move forward, and will think twice before buying from someone I don't know again.
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    Totally agree hugs!!
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    Watching buried a live and the one about the people with extreme addictions! This one lady drinks PIGS Blood!! Omg ugh how do you start to do that? These shows really help me feel better about my crazy animal addiction :) CHICKEN MATH!!! O,g she even drinks human blood!! WHAT!!!
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    Eeeewwww![​IMG] What is wrong with people???? Seriously!
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    Well maybe someone should explain it to me. How is asking what is funny attacking someone? She said LOL and I asked what is funny. So how was that bad mouthing anyone?

    Did I say something about Sally that I missed maybe?
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    Cute indeed! And I think your ducks and geese are cute, so don't say this is the only cute thing!
    GAH!!! Everyone is making me jealous with duck stupid ducks refuse to lay!
    Will have to remember this, as Fiancee wants Dominiques. He wanted buff orps cause they're supposed to be large....and mine of course are mini-sized.
    I'm willing to hunt him!
    :lau one will give you blue eggs, one will give you big deal LOL
    The offer is still open....
    Don't say stuff like this...Fiancee might actually start to condone me being on here...LOL
    Awesome, combining my favorite pastimes!
    Gah! Where?
    I wanna!
    Ummm....your sig asks for help....unfortunately...around here, the only kind of help we provide is making you want/get more types/quantities/species.
    Sometimes the heart doesn't know how to listen to the head. This does not make you an makes you a loving human.
    Then you are right by me! I'm in Gardners, on the Cumberland side of the line.
    OMG! LOVE!
    Look at the map in my signature, you can see where most everyone is located. Send me your zip and I'll add you.
    I agree. When I bought my BLRW last year, the guy almost didn't charge me for them, as he had hatched eggs from someone else, and didn't realize that you can get the 3 colors, he thought they were mutts! I love that I have one of each color. My roo is the splash, and I have one of each of the other colors in my girls.
    I read it as p i s * e d, if that helps, LOL And I don't blame you!
    Have you complained? A good seller will try and make it right.

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