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    I dont even know .. probably about $5 a piece? I mean they are probably going to be mixed.. and I am not great at vent sexing... I just want them to go to a LOVING home that wont just pawn them away or eat them asap.
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    Oct 25, 2012
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    I don't eat duck & raise even my breeders as pets. My fiance wants to switch to all waterfowl & get rid of all but about 20 chickens for winter eating eggs. Mixed ducks would be for eating eggs here since I separate all of my breeders for hatching eggs.
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    Thats good to hear!
    I have 5 eggs in the bator.. all except one has life/ I will keep you updated on them. They are due around the 15th.
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    Oct 25, 2012
    Baltic, Ohio
    I have LOTS of duckies in 3 bators right now. [​IMG]
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    My girls havent been laying faithfully yet :/ their on and off.. most of them its their 1st year so -.- And the pheasants have JUST started so I have the 4 of the pheasants in the bator.. they are due around the 23ish but I will probably keep them for a bit to wait for feathers >.< They are SO TINY when they hatch!! And 2 sebby goose eggs due 17th
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    This is Silkie's fiance. She said to tell you we are looking for Sebbies too.
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    Oh haha well hello there!
    And I am not sure If I will be parting them or not. I am still on the rocks about them.
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    We use a mix of wheat and oat bran... can also use oatmeal and I think Sally uses chick starter? Fill bins about 1/3 or so with that, then place crumpled up newspaper on top and add a couple of wet paper towels. Cut up carrots or apple slices and lay under the paper also.
    Takes about a month to start seeing changes, within about 6 wks you should notice tiny worms, within 8-10 wks you will be in good shape. Ours that you saw are both about 10 months.

    Edit to correct stupid word mixes... should know better than to try to type comprehensive thoughts when I haven't slept in 22 hrs, getting tired.
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    That sounds like a great idea to me! however i will then need 2 more coops for all the chickens i will want to keep. :) Thanks again for the beautiful hyacinth and the cute little rooster figurine! I love it! I am glad you stopped by today!

    Sad news... Chrystal (our yearling ewe) had her baby. it was SO small. She was an awesome mom, but it just wasn't enough even with us tubing the lamb twice to make sure she had food. She was just too small and weak. [​IMG] Chrystal is completely devestated, as am I. For being a first time mom, she was the best! She was pawing at her trying to get her up when i found her dead. She keeps calling for her now and it is the saddest cry i have heard a sheep make. I wish she could understnad me so i can tell her what happened. Stuff like this happens when you breed. And i am usually the strong one with the losses, but i have to admit, this one tore me up a bit. I named her Pixie, i should know better than to name a lamb until you know it is going to survive.

    I know i missed a lot of other posts. Been a busy evening. (morning? haven't been to bed yet) Thanks for pointing me in the direction of some plants and seeds. I would be happy to host a party here. We have plenty of room and i love to cook for people. I would love to come to a swap hosted by us PA BYCers. I don't have much to swap in the line of birds, but i can bring (some) money. :)
    Ok everyone, Have a nice day. i am going to try to get SOME sleep before the little one has to be gotten up and off to school.
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    Feb 8, 2012
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    Vent away. You know how to reach me!

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