Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

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  1. Pentamom

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    LOL! Thank You! I am resting, and now afraid of heights! LOL!!
  2. BullChick

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    Apr 17, 2012
    Coffee shop
    [​IMG] Red just attacked me a few more times. I know rain makes him uneasy, and I don't doubt the wind is putting him on edge. He MAY have seen the shininess of my cell phone ( I was talking to DH when I entered the run). He only flew to knee level, he got my shin, I kicked my leg out, he came again, I kicked him this time (not hard. Don't worry). He came into the nesting room, to see what I was doing, then left. When I was leaving, he ran out the door 9he has never done that before) and got me again. I shut the door, and caught his tail, he got loose, and tried again. Then I used the rake (which I keep handy [​IMG]) to get him in. He was mad enough to fight the rake, but I was using the back of it, and just pushed him along until he was in.
    When you look at the learning center, it says if you are terrified of your rooster, get rid of it. I am not terrified. I just know he goes crazy sometimes. I also know he cannot be trusted with children. It then says carry him around.
    My question is, do I ...
    A. Kill him
    B. Try once more
    C. Keep doing it as necessary
    D. Do it once a week no matter what
  3. LittleMissPurdy

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    getting more water...electric co. just called..[​IMG], hope everyone is ready for this you..i am definitely looking that over!
  4. patrickschick

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Come spring I will have some GLW and some SLW crosses.
  5. angelchix

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Karns City, PA
    I think the top picture does, does he pose like the japanese bantams, proud chest in the air? That is typical of them and they crow like a squeek toy, it sounds like eeee o
  6. patrickschick

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    Aug 7, 2012
    We know who you are lol Welcome back around.
  7. patrickschick

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Hi! I've seen you hanging around. We really don't bite! Well maybe some ..[​IMG]
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    Apr 28, 2010
    Millersburg, PA
    Hoping everyone stays safe up there!
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    Apr 21, 2012
    mount joy, pennsylvania
    Pentamam,,,,,,OUCH !!!!
    Angelchix,,,,Yes he struts with his chest puffed out, it's kind of funny with him being so small
    Motorcyclechick...I have never had any luck turning roosters around after they started that...for me 3 strikes and they are out.

    I have never had any of my orp's go broody, but the 3 silkies spend more time broody than egg laying, I ended up building extra nest boxes just for the broodies.
  10. Sally Sunshine

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    Aug 23, 2012
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    Chickens all tucked in, fed and watered ready for a long stay in their coops, Tons of containers & 55 gal drums filled with water for us and the critters, coal brought in, generator ready, cupboards filled, gas tanks all full.
    Only thing I am debating is worring about the eggs in the bator or just consider them a loss....[​IMG]and loss of cash [​IMG]

    Stay safe everyone, I will be on tonight at least until the satelite looses signal.... and when the dish goes for TV its bedtime!

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