Pennsylvania!! Unite!!

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by LeBlackbird, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Kagross, welcome! Good luck with those numbers! I am willing to bet you have twenty within the first week!
    Pentamom, Dumor. I am told it is Purina. I got it once, but I get so many Purina coupons, I save by using Purina. Any pipping yet?
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    And just what are you looking at???


    Don't let the "stink eye" fool you, Mimsy is the sweetest girl in the coop. But you will never get her to admit that!! She is so docile, I had to put her in with the silkies because the other bantams were picking on her!


    It is hard to get a good picture of her because she is always so close to me and so curious about what I am doing.


    Here is my only other LF, who also lives with the silkies. This is my JG, Duchess.


    So thankful to motorcyclechick for allowing me to have both of these girls!
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    kagross: Welcome! Getting an early start on your research, huh? Good man!

    Lilbrownie: I too would like news of the Lebanon club.

    PentaMom: I was at TSC today too! Did you bring your 10% off coupon? Bought as much food as I could! And a wagon for the grandsons.

    BayM, you keep making me laugh!

    Buterbaugh, you need a shot gun and a beer to complete the rocking chair picture.

    Wingstone and Motorcycle, Feel Better!
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    Sally Sunshine,

    Wow, with all the posts here it's hard to follow...Thanks for your response!
    So coop is an 8x8 shed with 14 chickens in it-

    10x16 run, free range late afternoon

    ALWAYS food and water! ( and seed blocks in run as well as seasonal veggies-right now they get pumpkins which really keeps them occupied)

    Check constantly for sign of them

    No heat in coop so definitely not too warm and decent ventilation...

    Plenty of roost space inside and space for roosting during day in the run

    I give extra BOSS every afternoon as well as mealworms for added protein

    Here's the thing, I thought I had singled out the plucker and rehomed her-still plucking going on-added 3 new hens-no change-added a rooster AND

    the girls who were being plucked are ALL growing their feathers back now it's the younger girls getting plucked

    Question-could this actually be an injury from the rooster mounting her? She and her 2 sisters are his favorites...

    I didn't remove her (I observed them until dusk and no one seemed to notice that she was hurt) and she looks fine today-no blood and no additional injury.
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    Ah! That's the name! LOL! You can get coupons?! Awesome! I was hoping to get more organic type feed, but for now, this will do. I have yet the time to research food and keeping my chickens organic. I have a lot of people who want to buy eggs....

    Question: Can I ship eggs to people in NJ for them to eat? If so, what is the best way to do that??

    No pipping yet! I keep looking, I'm so impatient! LOL!!!
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    OMG, I love them!!
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    Welcome! And be careful, it always starts with four or five (then ten..... Or twenty.... Or??????)!
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    I got one in the mail. Haven't used it yet.

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