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    May 18, 2008
    I just noticed the thread from Mangled about her injured boxer--I'm so glad to hear he's on the mend and that Mangled finally got the help she needed. I wish I would have seen it earlier.

    I have a list of places that will pay for emergency medical care for companion pets. Some of these are nearly impossible to get funding from; some a bit easier. Some are breed specific and some are condition specific. I'm including the entire list. Y'all should save it!

    Organizations who can help
    owners that cannot afford vet care

    American Animal Hospital Association
    "The heartbreak happens all too often ? a pet owner is unable to
    afford treatment and their sick or injured companion animal pays the
    price. If the owner is elderly, disabled or on a fixed income, the
    cost of care may be too much of a stretch for their pocketbook.
    Perhaps they have been victimized by crime, property loss or a job
    layoff and are experiencing a temporary financial hardship ? making it
    too difficult to afford pet care. And some animals, brought to clinics
    by Good Samaritans, don't have an owner to pay for treatment. Whatever
    the situation, the fact remains the same: When sick or injured animals
    are unable to receive veterinary care, they suffer. Through the AAHA
    Helping Pets Fund, veterinary care is possible for sick or injured
    pets even if they have been abandoned or if their owner is
    experiencing financial hardship."

    Angels 4 Animals
    "Angels4Animals, a non-profit organization and a program of Inner
    Voice Community Services, has a mission to serve as the guardian
    angel of animals whose caretakers find themselves in difficult
    financial situations. At Angels4Animals we believe that animal owners
    should not have to say goodbye to the animals that they love. Our
    work is accomplished in conjunction with veterinary clinics across
    the country, eager to assist as many animals, and their owners, as
    possible. Our services range from financial aid to complete treatment
    to those pets and pet owners in need."

    Care Credit
    A credit card company for health care, including veterinary care.
    "CareCredit, the leader in patient/client financing, has helped more
    than 3 million patients/clients get the treatment or procedures they
    needed and wanted. With a comprehensive range of plan options, for
    treatment or procedure fees from $1 to over $25,000, we offer a plan
    and a low monthly payment to fit comfortably into almost every

    Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (FVEAP)
    "The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who
    have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten - any
    of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved

    The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501
    (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and
    kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save
    their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.

    "Our efforts focus on serving the elderly, the disabled, and the
    working poor. For lonely seniors, physically/mentally challenged
    individuals and children of working parents, pets represent much more
    than a diversion."

    "Mission Statement:
    Helping people help pets. To better the lives of sick, injured and
    abused companion animals. We are dedicated to insure that no
    companion animal has to be euthanized simply because their caretaker
    is financially challenged."

    The Pet Fund
    "The Pet Fund is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit association that
    provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need
    urgent veterinary care. Often animals are put down or suffer
    needlessly because their owners cannot afford expensive surgery or
    emergency vet visits. Companion animal owners must often make the
    difficult decision to put an animal down or neglect urgent medical
    needs because of the costs involved. The purpose of the Pet Fund is
    to work towards a future where decisions about companion animal
    medical care need never be made on the basis of cost."

    United Animal Nations
    "The mission of LifeLine is to help homeless or recently rescued
    animals suffering from life-threatening conditions that require
    specific and immediate emergency veterinary care. We strive to serve
    Good Samaritans and rescue groups who take in sick or injured
    animals. In certain cases, LifeLine can also assist senior citizens
    and low-income families pay for immediate emergency veterinary care."

    UK Assistance with Veterinary Bills
    "Most of us can cope with the financial commitment involved in the
    day to day care of our pets. However, how many of us come out in a
    cold sweat when our pet is ill or injured and we know we have to take
    it to the vet? Most of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford
    it but, some of us who love our animals dearly cannot. Unfortunately
    we do not have a PDSA or a RSPCA Centre within our area, but there
    are a few charities who may be able to help."

    Other Groups Who are Breed or Injury Specific:

    Corgi Aid

    Dachshunds Needing IVDD surgery

    Another for Dachshunds
    "From time to time, recognizes a caretaker of
    handicapped pets that need some special attention, and a little extra
    help. There are those who are so selflessly dedicated to their animal
    families that they give up a little more than they can afford."

    Labrador Lifeline

    LabMed: Rx For Rescued Labs
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    Jun 28, 2008
    Northern Kentucky
    That is great info. We have Care Credit and we able to use that when one of our dogs had to go to emergency care.

    Care Credit doesn't charge interest, you can make payments monthly. It covers out of pocket dental and other human medical issues as well.
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    May 18, 2008
    I have a Care Credit card too for emergency use. It's been a life saver more than once.

    I also have VPI insurance for my pets, not the routine coverage but the emergency coverage. I don't think it's ever NOT paid for itself. You do have to pay your vet, but then 3/4 of the bill usually gets reimbursed.
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    Sep 18, 2007
    Thanks for posting this info. I have a family member with pets that has suddenly fallen on hard times. I will pass the info on to them in case it's ever needed.

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