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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by NellaBean, Oct 2, 2009.

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    Just moved 23 chicks out to the growout brooder/shed in the garage a couple days ago. Went to check on them today (I check them 2x a day, morning and night) and 1 has been picked badly around the tail area. The skin is bright red and inflamed and ouchy looking.

    I had one chick that had a spot on his shoulder that had been picked badly a few days ago....I separated him with another mellow chick for a few days, until it appeared healed. That one has an open wound now again as well.

    These 23 chicks are just 2 weeks old and were just moved from a rubbermaid tub to a 4'x6' shed. They most definitely do not appear crowded in this shed. It has a 100 watt bulb and stays at decent temps. The minor shoulder picking started in the tub......the tail picking started in the shed.

    Any idea why they pick? Even when they are not overcrowded, lots of obstacles to play on (shed is almost 6 feet tall with a bunch of shelves and roosts for when they are old enough to reach them).

    Any idea what I can do to help this? Which is the spray that can be used on them?

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