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    Feb 23, 2008
    Hello Peeples...first let me say that I love this forum. I have learned a lot and my pet chickens have benefited greatly. My hens are finally laying and I am in egg heaven. I haven’t tasted such good eggs since I was a kid. One of my favorite treats is a couple pickled eggs and a tall glass of beer. Both of which are home grown and brewed. On my quest for the perfect home made snack, I would like to ask "what is your favorite pickled egg recipe?" My question should be two parts really... the best way to boil eggs and also for your favorite egg pickling recipes. One problem I have found is that my farm eggs don’t peel so well. This last batch I boiled with a lot of salt and vinegar, which really helped cut down on cracking and eased the peeling process. Without farther ado, please allow me to offer my pickled egg recipe…

    Pickling solution for 3-4 Dozen eggs...

    3C Apple cider vinegar
    2C water
    ¼ C salt
    ¼ C sugar
    Cheyenne pepper to taste (lots!!)
    ¼ C Pickling spice
    Chopped onion
    Clove of crushed garlic
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    Your eggs will peel easier if you let them age for a couple of weeks before boiling. The store eggs peel easier because they're older, and there's more air inside due to evaporation through the shell.

    For boiling, I like to set the eggs in a pot, cover with cold water to an inch above the egg, then set to boil on medium heat (it takes a while). We like our hard-boiled eggs hard boiled, not soft in the center, so once they reach the boil, I set the timer for 7 minutes and let them continue to boil all that time. People who like the soft centers take the pot off the heat as soon as it boils, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes in the hot water before cooling the egg in cool water. That way it's cooked, but just not so hard-cooked.

    The only thing I boil eggs for are molded eggs for my daughter or egg salad for my husband, and I've only been doing those things recently. I've never even tasted a pickled egg!
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    This recipe sounds good but where's the how too? Do you just boil the eggs and put them in the mixture and seal them up - like in jars or something? Sorry, I'm clueless about this method.

    But I do remember going to a few old town bars, and after a few beers, there was always a platter of pickled eggs for people. I guess a little protein helps get you home! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] so glad to have your input here.
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    Feb 23, 2008
    ozark hen- thank you for your hospitality!
    Katy- thank you for the links... I must try the mustard recipe!
    Ninjapoodles(cool name!)- thanks for our input about boiling fresh farm eggs. My problem is my eggs dont sit in the fridge long enough. I must need more chickuns!!!
    and to Lunachick- edit the recipe for the amount of eggs and container your using, then bring the pickling spices to a boil, remove from heat, add salt (sugar if you want) let it cool, then add the vinegar, peppers, onions then eggs, put in the fridge in a glass jar and wait (the hardest part)1-2 weeks. I just had one that was only 5 days old and it was good!!!!. This batch might not make it to the 1 week period!
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    Allowing the eggs to age a couple weeks or any amount of time defeats the purpose of raising your own FRESH eggs to enjoy. You can hard cook FRESH eggs, even the day they were laid, and peel them easily using this method: Steam them in a pan on top of the stove using a wire mesh steamer like you would use for veggies or a wicker one used in a wok. Steam for 20 minutes and then plunge into a tub of ICE cold water (water very cold with some ice cubes in it) until they're thorougly chilled. They'll peel right then easily or can be peeled for later use. Any buggers that may be a bit hard to peel usually come right off if you peel them under running water. I couldn't belive this but it WORKS. Steam is hotter than boiling water. Try it and use those FRESH eggs, not old eggs!

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    sounds like a good recipe! I am going to make these when I have some extra eggs!

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