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    Man do I have some stubborn chickens. Trying to save money and get as close to breaking even as I can. My chickens are a bit over a year old. They are on Purina Layena pellets and producers pride scratch. Both gotten from TSC. They used to eat the Layena more than they do now. I have tried the Omega 3 layer feed too. They would waste some but I would go through a bag every 2-3 weeks for 6 chickens. Now they will hardly touch it. The scratch I used to use the Purina scratch. They stopped carrying it at TSC. Tried a local mill. They ate it but they were always acting starved. This was different behavior. Plus they wasted a lot. Then went to the producers pride. Still waste a lot. They pick out everything and leave a lot of the corn. It shouldnt be parasites. They act normal. Feather color good. No infestations that I see. I wormed them about a month ago. this has been going on for about three months. Pissing me off to see how much they are wasting.[​IMG]
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    I deal with this ALL the time, don't worry you're not alone. I feed my chickens 2 times a day, so by then they would have finished off most of the food.

    Maybe the food has sat in the sun or is old? Food that sits in the sun looses it flavor (to my chickens) and looses all the good vitamins, never feed chickens feed that is over a month old, mold spores could be in there.

    Good luck!
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