Placing my order! Crested Polish chicks!


15 Years
Feb 3, 2008
I plan to place my order with MM this weekend for day old female chicks. Placing an order for 25 and splitting it with my sister, so we'd end up with about a dozen.

My husband really, really wants to have a coop full of the crested polish ones.

So my plan was to get an order with an assortment of colored polish chicks.

Any reason why I shouldn't? I know that you may have to trim their crests or put them up in a pony tail so they can see. One guy in Agway told me that their crests will get wet when they drink in the winter and then their heads will freeze and they will die if you aren't careful about it. That I can manage.

Any other oddities of this breed I should be aware of before placing the order?

We plan to keep them for eggs. And then as pets
Since we would not have the heart to cull them when they stopped laying.
I love my Polish girls, they are very sweet but you do have to handle them because they tend to be skittish. I spend a lot of time with mine and they are very friendly and don't mind being picked up now that they know I'm the bringer of treats. They lay cute small white eggs almost every day, I think I average about five a week each with a couple of days off in between.
I have a 2 year old and a 4 year old who LOVE animals of all sorts.

Handling them every day shouldn't be a problem
Now I'm looking at the other breeds as I browse the site. Any problem with mixing the polish with, say, cochins, or fayoumis, or andalusians?

Not sure how they compare size wise or if they would get picked on?

Any other suggestions for "extravagant" looking breeds?
My head is going to explode. I am ready to hit submit on the order form, but I can't get in touch with my sister to find out which breeds she wants, AAAAAAGH!

So I am going for a variety of the polish crested hens, plus a couple egyptian fayoumis, and two crevecoeurs.

I wonder if we will be able to sort out who's chicks are who's once they get here? I may be posting pics in a couple weeks.
It's best to only keep crested breeds with other created breeds, IMO. Because of the crests, the crested breeds cannot see as well and other can/may peck their heads which can be a very bad and dangerous thing.
Yeah, the top hat special looked like it was straight run only though.

Ok, thanks for the heads up about mixing crested and non-crested. I think the fayoumis were the only non-crested in the bunch, I can swap em out for a crested variety. I just liked their impressive coloring.

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