Plastic Wrapping Runs

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  1. MagpieDucks

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    Oct 26, 2015
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    I've decided to wrap both of my runs in plastic this winter. Hopefully the birds will come out of the coop even in the cold. :) I'm curious to see other peoples methods of wrapping their runs. Post a picture of it too. :pop
  2. snow5164

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    May 16, 2015
    I don’t have a picture since it’s still warm here :)

    We use vapour barrier plastic from the lumber yard because it was the cheapest plastic wrap we found .

    We close off a 10x10 foot section of the run with plywood for the bottom 3 feet then wrap the sides with two layers of plastic and staple it on with 1 inch wood strips .

    We get very cold here in southern Canada , but there are a week or two that the coop door is closed, as long as they’re out of the wind they are outside in the snow.

    No pictures because we have no snow
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  3. flyin-lowe

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    Jan 24, 2016
    I've also heard of people buying the clear shower curtains. I am not sure what they cost compared to other sheets of plastic but they are usually fairly thick.
  4. adrikeen

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    Sep 10, 2012
    Newark Delaware
    That's what I use. I have a corrugated roof over my run. I hang the curtains around the sides of the coop making it secure against wind/snow/ice but the top has a gap for air/ventilation. The shower curtains can be any amount of $ depending on where you get them. I usually look for sales/use coupons and pick them up throughout the year. I use the heavy weighted ones and secure the bottoms with stone pavers. When you are done in the Spring you can just wash them off or toss them in the washing machine then line dry. Reusable for the next year!
  5. tigger19687

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    Can I add a question ?

    How do you stop the wind from ripping the plastic?

    I am wondering if Tyvex house wrap would be more durable ?
    Now that I am thinking about it, I know it withstands winds well.
    $30 for 3' x 100' seems well worth the price for the Lowes brand.
    "Made of cross-woven polyolefin for superior tear resistance"
  6. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
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    How it's attached is critical.
    Wrapping edge of plastic around a 1x2 a couple times then screwing that to frame works best. I don't use plastic in winter but that's how I attach my shade cloth.
    That way the material attachment to 1x2 see much direct stress, the edge of 1x2 takes most of it. Have used this for 4 years and it takes a real beating.
  7. Folly's place

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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    We attach a double layer of plastic wrap around the run, leaving the top foot or so open, and the peak open. It's first stapled to the framing, and then covered with wood strips screwed into the framing. In spring, it all comes down, and can be reused for another year or two.
    Maintaining ventilation is very important!
    Most winter days, the south coop door is wide open, and it's a human sized door.
  8. I am going to be using clear tarps that come with the grommets already installed. My run walls are just a little over 6' high so I can order tarps that are 6' wide and they will fit perfectly. I did this with shade cloth this past summer as one side of our run gets the hot afternoon sun. I bought a 6' x 20' shade cloth with grommets and attached it at the end with small bungie cords and to the hardware cloth on the run with zip ties. It worked perfectly and stayed in place even during some recent winds we had.

    I will be ordering 3 tarps so I can wrap the whole run and over lap them a bit. I expect this will work well and I can re-use the tarps and the shade cloth for several years. My run is a metal carport, so I am limited as to how I can attach things. It doesn't get all that cold where I live, but I want to keep the rain and snow out of the run as much as possible. Will post pics in the future when I get the plastic up.
  9. jthornton

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    Aug 30, 2017
    Poplar Bluff, MO
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    I just used cheap tarps last winter...

  10. Folly's place

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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    Make sure to leave enough ventilation! We leave the top foot open for air flow; the important thing is to protect them from wind, and in southern California, what do you mean by 'cold'?

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