Playhouse to Coop Makeover


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Sep 5, 2012
South Georgia, USA
My dad built my daughters' a playhouse and they never seemed interested in playing in it, so when we made the move to the country & wanted a backyard free range flock, we decided to convert the playhouse into a coop.


We have used our coop since we got our girls & guys since September. Although it is functional, there was just something that I just did not like about it. Today I got the idea & free time to give it a makeover & I loved the results. Now to my husband's relief, I am completely satisfied with my coop.


Yes, I know nothing has really changed, but the color just makes it pop & makes my heart happy. :)
Love it!!!! great idea!
That is really nice, actually it was really nice before lol but i agree the paint helps make it pop! Er, the door... do you have predators? it looks like a fairly lightweight wire perhaps, it's not just wanted to mention as i'd hate to see anything get in there.
Going Quackers........ The coop is also inside a fence that you cannot really see. The wire is heavy duty and doubled. It has wire on both sides of the door. Inside & out. Hard to tell from the pick.

Thanks for the worry. :)
I found the bench in my mother's attic last weekend while I was looking for a box of poultry awards I had won in high school. :) The plaques were going to be part of my coop makeover. I bought the bench in 2003 when I was pregnant with my daughter at an awesome arts & craft show in Smithville ,TN. I knew they would ruin it but thought it looked cute anyway. :)

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