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May 27, 2011

I'm a new chicken owner. We purchased 3 EE "pullets" about 5 weeks ago. Every since the first day, we've been vaguely suspicious that one is a cockerel. We've been in denial, though, b/c s/he's so pretty, and we kind of love him, if such a thing is possible with chickens!

Well, I think it's time we face reality, but I'd like some eggsperts to confirm that we need to return him (the chicken lady guarantees her pullets, and will exchange them). Thanks in advance for looking and sharing! (They are now about 11 wks old.)

Take a look at this pretty bird:

here is he is next to the other two, for comparison (he's on the right):

Oh, and off topic, but here is our very pretty yellow hen, posing for me. She seems very different from the other EEs. Much fatter and less beardy:
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Oh! Yeah...looking at the photos on the computer now, it seems to obvious. That comb is so much redder, isn't it? And that green tail feather? I'm about to cry. But our neighbors are about 12 feet away, and he'd be due to start crowing any day now, so I guess we'll be off to the chicken farm this weekend.

Thank you!
HE is beautiful but yeah he needs to go back to the chicken lady and trade for a pullet. with no red in her comb at that age. he is very pretty and I bet will grow up to be beautiful rooster.
Actually, if you look closely, the two pullets are also getting a little red. It's more the comb size.

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