Please help chick has coccidiosis


Mar 5, 2017
I have a chick that has already died and I have another with the same thing what do I do how do I treat it my chick that died would not move would not eat and had a mushy crop please help I’ve never had a chick with this before
How did you arrive at the conclusion your chick has coccidiosis? Did you get a fecal float test done on a sample of poop? That's the only way I know of being certain.

Treating the remaining chick with amprolium can't hurt, but you need to consider other causes such as lack of grit contributing to impacted crop or constipation. This is far more likely than coccidiosis.

While you are treating the chick with amprolium, I recommend also giving it some coconut oil and some chick grit. What have you been feeding these chicks? Where are you keeping them and how warm is it?

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