Please help!! Hatchling has a broken leg..

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    Good morning everybody!

    I have an Icelandic x Campine chick just hatched overnight and it's leg is broken. I don't think it's a slipped tendon or spraddle leg. I stretched it backwards to see if would place itself proper but it hurt the chick and didn't slip back into that's why I figured out it's broken. I can see where the bone is almost punctured through the skin on the outside of the leg and it's red and a tiny drop of blood there too. What should i do?? I want to try and save it because it's so young and has a good chance of fusing back together. Should I just wrap it with a band-aid and wait and see...please help
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    Can you post a pic? If you can put it in a slightly bent position and wrap it , it may help
  3. I would suggest vetwrap wrapped around the broken area after you have gotten it into the correct position. A bandaid would work but you would have to change it because the leg will grow and being sticky, the bandaid might re-break that little bone. If there's any way you could use some kind of splint, it would probably help. It needs to be stiff but not hard and its edges need to be not sharp.

    A picture would be good if you can post one.

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