Please help me hatch an emu


8 Years
May 28, 2011

By chance yesterday i got given two emu eggs. I dont know how old they are. I thought the right thing to do was try and hatch these eggs but I have never done anything like this before. Please help me by giving me advice on what to do.

All I have at the moment to warm them is an electric blanket. Im a student so I cant afford anything too expensive. What should I do?
Emu eggs are difficult to hatch. You will need at least a Styrofoam incubator, such as a little giant or hovabator brand. They take about 50 days to hatch at 96-97 degrees constant temperature and humidity around 25-55%, depending on the stage of incubation. In the electric blanket, they will not have the constant temperature and humidity they will need to hatch. You are going to have to find an incubator quick or just blow the eggs out and put them on display.
We are working on getting an incubator but if that is not possible will a heat lamp substitute? We will also get a thermometer for the temperature, but how do you control humidity?
Until you are better equipped for something like this, honestly the best thing to do is give them to someone who is. And quick.
Could advice please be to help us rather than simply tell us to give the eggs to someone else. We are happy to take on this challenge, and we are trying our hardest.

This morning we have driven around town to make a home-made incubator with a heat lamp. For humidity we will put a dish of water in the styrofoam box. How does that sound?
Julian, I believe you will try your hardest and have the absolute best of intentions but sometimes it just isn't the right time. If too much precious time is being lost with the eggs in the wrong conditions while you're trying to figure out what to do, they may die. The cart before the horse and all that. I wish all the best for the wee emus no matter what you decide and am sending good wishes. JJ
We are trying to save you from heartache, time, and money and I assure you that we are not trying to discourage you. Even under ideal conditions, Emu eggs are very hard to hatch.
x2, incubator is the way to go. Check around for hot water heater thermostats, or better yet go to TSC and buy an incubator. If you do get a hot water heater thermo, you can maniuplate it with instructions on the forum to make it, the heatlamp, and a cooler/styrofoam ice chest into a makeshift incubator. But if you want any to hatch, please get an incubator.

It will be worth it when they hatch!
You can go to TSC and get a little giant incubator for around $45,then you will have to go to a building supply(Lowes) and get a sheet of the Styrofoam insulation.You will have to use that to make the little giant taller because the emu egg will not fit without it being modified.You will have to make it like 4inches taller.Also you will have a better hatch rate if there some circulation inside the incubator,i think they sell a fan kit for the little giant but not sure,i just wired an old computer cooling fan in mine.I have had great success with this setup,everything from emu's to quail.So you will have about $60 in this setup.

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